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Title: Question about Free Gear for reviews.
Post by: bravodelta on August 19, 2015, 02:28:53 PM

     I am looking for some input on this topic. I have had some one approach me asking to get a piece of gear for free and they will do a review.

Is this how it work? does anyone have any experience with gear reviews and the exchange process ......I think it would be a great opportunity but is this something like the President of Nambla offering me 1 million if I pay the exchange

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This is a very good start-
Title: Re: Question about Free Gear for reviews.
Post by: bravodelta on August 19, 2015, 06:36:52 PM
That was a good read...lots of info, helped put me on the right track...cheers for that one.

I am pretty sure this guy is just a kid looking for free stuff...can't blame him for }
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Post by: essal on August 20, 2015, 01:07:09 AM
I'm one of those guys who don't really like those Youtube reviewers. I get that they potentially expose you to a lot of people, but just their messed up use of nomenclature is causing a headache every single time I watch one.

"Look at this seam, it's all triple stitched!" - seam is a single lockstitch.
"Made out of heavy ballistic Cordura" - 500D isn't ballistic, and often it's not even Cordura, it's just your regular Nylon 6,6 or even worse Nylon 6.
"this is the best product ever" - just unboxed it for the first time.
"original design by" - clearly ripped off by a high-end brand.
"designed to hold" - noooooooope.

To me, (most of) these peoples opinions holds absolutely no value to me as a designer or company. Doing your own product info video rather than having the first hit be some Youtuber who didn't even bother to read the product description before buying it seems like a better idea to me... If you do a video, you can probably send it to JTT, SSD and other sites and hopefully someone will post it and get you some business from serious customers.
Free stuff is for friends.
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Post by: Green Ant on August 20, 2015, 01:48:52 AM
Even more, what annoys me with lots of reviewers is that their reviews only focus on the question "Do I like that particular product? Do I find it personally appealing? Is it beautiful according to my subjective beauty-standards?"

That's totally irrelevant to anybody else but the reviewer!

A product has to serve a particular purpose - which is in turn modelled by a set of explicit requirements it has set out to meet. If these requirements are not available to the reviewer (he can and should ask the manufacturer!) it's up to the reviewer to come up with a set of reasonable requirements for the product himself - and review the product against these.

According to my opinion, anything short of that is a waste of time.
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Post by: Jorvik on August 20, 2015, 07:35:03 AM
I've had some of my gear reviewed by some of the bigger Youtube personalities in a particular community, and gained a ton of business from it. But, I didn't give anyone anything free. In fact the most recent review was completely unexpected.

I guess YMMV, but I've had some success. It helps get your name out there and can drive business. But, I'm not providing stuff for people for free.
Title: Re: Question about Free Gear for reviews.
Post by: TwoWayTrauma on August 20, 2015, 10:37:21 PM
I'll throw in my two cents here as I've actually been thinking about this a good bit recently, and am pretty sure I have changed my mind.

Matt from Jerking The Trigger has a pretty good post that you should read regarding the subject: 

Background:  When I started my business, I went searching for mind level youtubers telling them I would send them free gear, on the condition that if they liked it, they would do a review on it.  I had one person take me up on it.  I sent him some stuff, and then asked him to wait until my website was live to do a review.  I sent him the final product to review about a month ago, and he is going to do a video on it.  It might result in some sales and it might not

essal kind of hit the nail on the head, most people on youtube don't have a clue about material science, sewing, manufacturing, or even how to use gear.  They just talk, and they have nothing to say.  Having said that, most of the people watching their videos on youtube are just mall ninjas who probably fantasize about making their own youtube channel for reviewing gear that they have no clue about, but think that they do.  This isn't to say that it won't help your business, let me insert the term "useful idiot".

youtube doesn't send me a paycheck, Facebook doesn't send me a paycheck.  I'm not discrediting them as useful resources, but I certainly don't measure my success on how many followers or likes I have.  I used to think that way and really try to get people to like my page, but it didn't help me any.  Tactical Tailor only has 506 youtube followers.  Kind of getting off on a tangent here.

I've recently made the decision to not send free gear for reviews.  It would probably make me a little more money, but I'm confident in everything I make and want to grow my business by my gear standing on it's own merit.  It's taken a few months, but customers who I have made stuff for are coming back and asking for more.  In the future I may ask customers to do a youtube review and offer them a discount code for their time. 

Just my thoughts,


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Post by: cdhtac on August 22, 2015, 07:52:22 AM
Ive seen a couple of my packs been reviewed on youtube...

Well, the first one was spoken in Danish so i really had no idea what the guy was talking about :)

Sometimes when i make a small backpack for my PERSONAL use (sooner or later i get bored of the pack, build myself a new one and sell the old one.), i tend to leave out a hydration sleeve/hydration compartment (although, even then, i do give the pack an option for hanging a bladder). Being a REMF these days and fighting the war one powerpoint and word-document at a time, i very rarely have any use for a hydration bladder. 

One thing that is common for most of my packs is that i like to make a sleeve for inserting the padding for the backpanel as well as a frame sheet. Its a proper sleeve pocket with velcro closure and all.

So... I was watching the review of my second pack and at the point where the guy was like "oh, and here we have a sleeve pocket for a hydration bladder.." and what he was actually showing, was the padding/frame sheet sleeve, i felt like screaming... (because youd have to be a total idiot to make a totally flat sleeve pocket for storing a hydration bladder)

So kind of like what Essal was saying about the nomenclature; The guy doing the review might not actually understand everything about the gear he is reviewing, and therefore the review might be misrepresenting.