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I've had to supply power to several of my own machines (not sewing machines) set up for 3ph power...lathes, mills, large saws..etc. I currently use a "roto-phase" type converter rated for the largest HP motor I use. This unit is powered by a normal single phase 220V input, usually available in most residential load centers. Some of the larger saws I have used in the past were supplied with "static phase converters" which are small, quiet and all electronic, but note you do take a small HP hit with either the rotary or static converters. I believe the hit is less with an actual rotary, but that is probably an academic concern with most industrial sewing machines which do fabrics. Variable frequency drives are normally used to provide a 3ph motor with some programmable or on-demand functions like speed control or reverse etc....nice if you need or will use it, but you will most likely just want the 3ph conversion to supply the main input on your machine. I'd investigate a "static phase converter" and see if you can determine if there are any gotchas which lie in wait if your main connection is ONLY the 3ph input, and the brain on your machine steps down and converts all the power and voltages for the other electronic/computerized functions.


Here's a chart with bobbin style/dimensions. You can measure yours and look for a match, then shop for that style.


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« on: January 07, 2017, 08:23:47 AM »
Looking at getting a cylinder arm machine for building and repairing packs. right now I am looking at a 341 clone (Atlas AT3341) wondering if anyone has any thoughts or insights on cylinder arm machines. Any idea what the Atlas AT8B is a clone of? Thanks!

I think the model number suggests that Atlas has "cloned" the Seiko CW-8B-2, which is sort of academic since the Consew branding was originally a Seiko marketing dodge. I think they are all adaptations of the Singer 153 to some degree. I use a Mitsubishi CU-865-22, which as an even more convoluted heritage involving Pfaff 335's and Singer 211's...


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