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Vendors and sources / desert pink or hello kitty Cordura
« on: December 07, 2017, 01:00:10 PM »
Need small quantity of desert pink or hello kitty Cordura. Or another beauty pink Cordura ( not true timber or another hunting camo, not solid). 500 or 1000, doesn't matter.
Sorry, cool tactical guys, I really need one-)

Platforms / Panzerklein dynamic load carriage system
« on: July 02, 2016, 11:45:12 AM »

Concept, design, and engineering / Re: Attaching molle... How many layers?
« on: February 08, 2016, 01:20:55 AM »
I mean, all of us attach to one layer, because we sew on-body-gear, it would be to heavyweight 2, 3, layers of cordura. And no sense, strength of one layer is enough for carry ammo and load.

Pouches / GUSAR- Grenade.Universal.Sniper.AssaultRifle
« on: February 04, 2016, 01:51:26 PM »
Our new design, universal pouch for sniper and spotter, or grunt with GL or AR and frags.

It is combo taco-style pouch, with velcro-mounted inserts for 308, 338, 7.92, 7.62 ammo in wide pouch. Can hold AR or AK mag, radio, kestrel, range finder, frag grenade, GL grenade, e,t,c.

Pouch is field and combat tested  by SOF and approved to their equipment.

Platforms / Ultra Direct Action Warbelt
« on: December 02, 2015, 04:10:12 PM »
Hi, guys. It is my summer belt, warriors had tortured and tested it many times.. Than I forgot about.
But now i saw same belt on WAS website, so, it is no more secret-)
It is padded warbelt with dyneema base and loop..

Pouches / AK-4 pouch
« on: July 02, 2015, 11:28:57 AM »
Designed for LRP groops of Airborne and SOF. Hold strongly 4 AK mags, or, without dividers, 5 AK mags, 100 rounds machine-gun belt for PKM (7,62-54R, but I mean, 7.62 NATO will work to)  Lid prevent mags from dirt  and dust. It is not pouch for city patrol or vehicle patrol, it is pouch for dirty war-)
 Very compact. Also has PALS for grenade pouches and dump pouche.
We work very hard on this pouche, it 4x or 5x generation..

more photos

Platforms / Chest rigs Maverick-6m and Maverick8 mk2
« on: June 07, 2015, 12:51:21 PM »
I tryed to create low-pro rig with built-in pouches.
First version-
6 AK friendly built-in pouches, 3 additional pals for IFAK and utility pouches, mesh harness.
Advantages- comfortably to lay and fire; very low-pro harness, easy fit  buttstock.
Disadvantages - too big for me, not so easy to reach for IFAK/Utility; PALS surface above AK slots not rigid. Some people dislike gap on abdomen, but I think, this is not disadvantage - when bullets sing above head, we need to be very-very-very-very- low-profile and closest to ground.

So, we create mk 2 version-) This rig not ideal too, it created for mobile vehicle-based patrol groups of Border Patrol in warm climate. So, it has mesh harness, quick fastex, 8 built-in AK slots, but this slots located back off main PALS panel - so, risk to catch in vehicle is minimal, and you had a rigid PALS panel for IFAK e.t.c. And ventilation chanell between ammo slots.

"Hey, dude, wanna cheap ammo?"

Also, if you want to lay down, you can remove mag inserts from abdomen.

Platforms / Re: Load Bearing System "Regulator"
« on: May 23, 2015, 10:25:27 AM »
nice peace of gear, Niemoller, I want to make one-)

I ended new LBS, with experimental ultra-low-pro mesh/webbing harness, "Panzerklein", with soft armor.

Platforms / Load Bearing System "Regulator"
« on: May 21, 2015, 11:53:55 AM »
Gear of the best Ukrainian Speznaz (SOF) regiment - modular load bearing system Regulator

Without back panel, modular assault vest

with X mounted harness

with H monted Harness

with sitting/sniper foam pad

Pouches / Kalashnikov machine-gun QR pouch
« on: April 28, 2015, 12:50:54 AM »
QR Pouch for 100-rds PKM mag, 7.62-54 Russian. Can be attached to vest, belt, or backpack as horisontal, as a vertical. Pouch has a velcro loop on a back, and attached to hook on a MOLLE-platform, fixed by fastex, seems QR IFAK. Mag attached to machine-gun directly in pouch, it allows to save a time.

Vendors and sources / Re: Source for Cobra Buckles
« on: March 08, 2015, 04:03:30 PM »
I contacted AustriAlpine, they told me about 200 backles MQO

Introductions / Re: ManMarVelez from TUR Gear
« on: March 03, 2015, 02:01:03 AM »
Hm, I am dont know mach about old americans protection. I know about WW I "trench armor" of German Shturmpionirein, and about steel Soviet chest plate SN-42 "Stalnoy Nagrudnik, 1942" , both had used by elite assault pioneer squads. Also I know, that tight  outerwear, as "vatnik", used by Soviet troops during WW II, has low antifrag ability.
Soft armor, used by our troops, must be certified by DSTU class 2, it is little better than NIJ IIIa. But generally soldiers and militiants used self-made armor without any sertification, as soft, as and hard armor. In a beginning of war our goverments send troops to frontline with AK-74, often without reserve magasines, and without armor too. Or with the fake hard armor, that was piercing by handgun bullet. Damn,  bastards- generals sold  for a lot of money  armored car to militia batallions-(( I think, corruption level of new "made-in-America" goverment is highest in the world, but old "made-in-Russia" goverment was a gangsters too..
Goverments steal billions and billions of dollars, and say to us "it is a war, you must have a patient"
That is why our troops buy sniper rifles, scopes, armor, directly in USA end EU, and Israel, with croudfunding money. Some of troops can found more money, thay used new armor by Tyr Tactical, for example, another troops wear used old-stock Bundeswehr vest, made 20 years ago. They certified it very simple, shooting with handgun-) No piercing - good old-stock vest, pierced vest - bad vest.-)
Personally I didnt produce soft armor, I make gear from cordura fabric, than 3rd party manufurer produce soft armor for sizes of my gear. Quality of soft armor - it is on his conscience.
I havent money to buy quality Deutch or Dutch Dyneema, adn two of our big armor protection producers, that made armor from Chineeze HDPE and payed money for certification, would not allow to me work, they are really mafia with our generals-)
Find quality material in Ukraine impossible or very expensive. For example, mil-spec Polish coyote webbing - 1 usd per yard, in USA i found it 12 cents per yard.. But delivery time is 40-50 days..
Now in Ukraine people began to make supressors, hard armor, quadrails, scope mounts. Often it is very cheap, but very quality - I sold my expensive AK-suppressor and buy cheap garage-made, it works moree better, than Finland ACE Ultra-) For troops people sold their crafts very cheap or without money, as patriots.
With nylon gear situation note so good, very often gear made from cheapes 600 or 420 nylon, or avizent (old tent fabric), or Chineeze "cordura", gear is ugly, non-comfortable and has short life.
-  not the worse version.
or this -

About direct fire protection with hard armor - yes, we do it too. Patroll harness on photo can be weared over or under vest, it has low profile harness with foam. Now we testing detachable light plate bags for this system, with light  HDPE 3+ plate? for long range patrol units. Our goal - only one harness for wide  warbelts and armor plate. And vest is very heavy for 50-100 miles foot patrol.

Introductions / Re: ManMarVelez from TUR Gear
« on: March 02, 2015, 01:48:13 PM »
let's say, I originally did not sew what I want, but what the army requires, based on their combat expirience..
For example, first photo in this topic - it was created directly with soft armor, as SoF having requried, because very high  % of wounded warriors from artillery, not as Americas war against terrorist with AK. Our opponents has a lot of rocket and barrel artillery and  hundreds of modern panzers. American gear expirience not very suitable for us.

Vendors and sources / Re: Material, machinery, and tool sources
« on: March 02, 2015, 09:01:48 AM »
Great news about Arid-)
Help me, I am looking for fabric, but I dont know fabric name in English. It is very-very soft and low profile wide welcro loop, it is used to lining, pave? backpacks, bags, as ma Hazard4 pack, to put on pouches with welcro hook. It is not ordinary velcro loop in rolls.
Hope,someone or all of you know about.

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