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Hi all guys,

not a rocket sience, for sure, but i wasn't aware about bobbins clips before.
When I ran my first big production, I needed an huge amount of thread filled bobbins. I tried to stock them in different ways to prevent the tangle of thread beetween bobbins, without fortune.

The better solution that i found was to lock in place the thread with an elastic, but it was a bit complex and a slow operation.

So i decided to print a small clip with a simple design that can embrace the bobbins and prevent unrolling of threads.
After that i discover that they already existed.

Anyway... this is the result: tiny object for an huge improvement

I made bobbins clips for all our machines ( Alder 167-373 / Alder 69-373 / Brother KE-430D ) so if someone want to print them, let me know, i leave you the .STL file
Hope to help someone , have a nice day.

Introductions / Hello from ITALY
« on: December 21, 2018, 02:24:14 PM »
Hi all guys,

I'm not really new in this forum. I had some trouble about account activation, but be there is the thing!
Is wonderful to be part of this comunity.

Alot of things are changed since we have started to make custom gear in 2009, for hobby. Finally, in 2015, i managed to open my new workshop and new brand "BLACKFOLIUM". Now this is my full time work and i really think that's the best in the world!
From Jenuary 2018 i start to issue our first own design product. In 2019 will be some nice news.

I owe alot to this community, especially in my earlier years, when i tried to make my first works.
I hope to be an active part to this forum in the future.
A big hello to everybody and... since we're close to the Christmas.. Merry Christmas and happy new year!

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