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Off Topic / K9 topic
« on: June 15, 2017, 12:11:51 PM »
I would like ya'll to meet our new family member "Ghost", she is a 12week old Belgian Malinois. I have wanted to own one for the last 10 years ever since one of my long time MARSOC customers had been telling me I had to get one (hes K9 unit), he would talk about his dogs better then most people talk about their children. Anyways after doing an obscene amount of research I realized my life was not ready for this breed of K9, UNTIL NOW! First thing I thought about when the wife and I just bought this house was, Im getting my dog, lol. I have had a breeder on speed dial for the last year, who btw is the K9 instructor for the surrounding areas PD, anyways I had been talking with him and he told me that he purchased a new pair of Malinois from germany and I could get first pick of their first litter if I was ready to own, I was not at that moment and was kinda upset that I would miss out on this litter . All the cards fell into place so well it was just a meant to be situation, the wife and I found the perfect home and had the keys in what seemed like a blink of the eye (good to have a wife in real estate) so by the time we moved in the pups where only 3 weeks out from adoption age so I called the breeder up and said I was GTG and call me the day he will release the pups, which he did. While I was there I also signed Ghost and myself up for his K9 academy (Mid-High lvl obedience and protection) so once she hits 4 months we can start classes, he told me if I can get her trained on some specific commands before we enter the class we would move along much faster. I have never had a dog house trained so fast, within 2 days she was sitting at the door to be let out and in, when we first got her I set 2 hour alarms on my and the wifs phone and would call her outside and we would stay outside no matter how long it took until she did her thing then we would praise and love her up like crazy, have yet to have one accident. She is also kenneled, first two nights where rough (new baby x's 50) after 3 days of some praise and love when she gets in her den and lots of loud shoosh's and no's when she whines she now sleeps the whole night quietly PLUS she puts her self in the kennel during the day for naps (the kennel door stays open in the day). I work with her and hour a day in 15-20min intervals (hard to keep a puppy focused) on basic obedience, funny enough I was having a hard time with just the "come" command and so I called the breeder and asked what I was doing wrong, come to find out I fucked up, I had previously used "come" with some frustration and mad tones so the word "come" was no longer good so I went with "kommen Sie" with a very happy uplifting, loving tone and within 40min I was calling here from anywhere and she would come a running. Currently she is trained with the following commands, come (kommen sie), sit, lay down, crate (kiste) and soft (weich) for when we are playing/rough housing. Bar none the fastest learning dog I have ever owned, she is also extremely docile when being handled, she just goes into relaxed mode no matter how your holding her, hell my 3 year old Rebel will pick her up and she just turn limp and goes with it without a care in the world. I could keep going on and on about her and the breed in general but Im just so blessed a customer came to me and told me about the breed in general, I owe him a bunch of free custom kit now, lol..

was hot out so she dug her self a nice hold hole

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