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What automatic features are you talking about?
Presser foot lift and thread trimmer. It probably doesn't sound that time saving, but it is. And time = money, so if this is something you consider as a business or even side-business, just get it. If you sew at home and don't want to have pieces of thread everywhere, just get it.
It will probably add ~$500-1000 to a machine, but they have more features with the control panel, which if you learn how to use properly can basically make everything so damned much faster. Sewing PALS grid with a program is a million times quicker, and a lot cleaner than manual machines. Same with box-X's. It's no pattern tacker though, but then we're getting into more production-line machines.

Manual machines aren't bad, it just that automatic machines are so much better.

About 6 months ago we demolished the three bedrooms on our little 1000 square foot house, lived out of the front room for a while, and built an addition.  Has been an adventure.  Both my wife and I get dedicated sewing rooms.  We finished mine as quickly as we could...currently, Bergspitze Customs is the last knot on the end of my rope, having been laid off from my full time biochemistry job a month ago and my part time job (of 4 years) being converted to a full time job and given to someone else outside the organization this last week.  Glad to have sewing to fall back on, since other positions, short of flipping burgers, are few and far between right now in my area and we can't move until the house is done (and that would still suck to do after all this work).

So here's the first look at the new space.  Slightly over 300 square feet.  I converted half of a ping pong table into a cutting table with a large Rhino cutting mat on top.  That is attached to a fabric rack that I built from scraps from the construction, and another fabric rack sits underneath for the rest...amazing to see how much fabric has accumulated over the years.  My Consew 206RB-1 sits at the end of the table, raised up on risers to be at the same level as the table.  This provides extra support for larger objects.  Have a horse blanket dropped off for repair that is a perfect example of when that will be helpful.

Going around the room from there I have a large whiteboard (considering pulling it off the mount and putting it on the wall), rolling cart with small-parts bin that I have all my hardware sorted into, a Union Special 39500 overlock, Consew 29BL, Brother PR1000E embroidery machine, and a Juki LUH-520.  Back to the right is an L-shaped office desk with a hot knife cutter on the left side, a converted shoe rack holding all my narrow goods.  Under the narrow goods sits a blueprint cabinet that I got on the local classifieds for $40.  Will eventually convert all my pattern pieces to a sturdy option like chipboard and store them in there.

Tape on the walls marks the studs, so I can hang some more pegboard.  More photos to come.

You could use Short WTFix straps or short Malice Clips and mount the pouch at 4 different heights. Pretty useful when setting up a belt system.

Off Topic / K9 topic
« on: June 15, 2017, 12:11:51 PM »
I would like ya'll to meet our new family member "Ghost", she is a 12week old Belgian Malinois. I have wanted to own one for the last 10 years ever since one of my long time MARSOC customers had been telling me I had to get one (hes K9 unit), he would talk about his dogs better then most people talk about their children. Anyways after doing an obscene amount of research I realized my life was not ready for this breed of K9, UNTIL NOW! First thing I thought about when the wife and I just bought this house was, Im getting my dog, lol. I have had a breeder on speed dial for the last year, who btw is the K9 instructor for the surrounding areas PD, anyways I had been talking with him and he told me that he purchased a new pair of Malinois from germany and I could get first pick of their first litter if I was ready to own, I was not at that moment and was kinda upset that I would miss out on this litter . All the cards fell into place so well it was just a meant to be situation, the wife and I found the perfect home and had the keys in what seemed like a blink of the eye (good to have a wife in real estate) so by the time we moved in the pups where only 3 weeks out from adoption age so I called the breeder up and said I was GTG and call me the day he will release the pups, which he did. While I was there I also signed Ghost and myself up for his K9 academy (Mid-High lvl obedience and protection) so once she hits 4 months we can start classes, he told me if I can get her trained on some specific commands before we enter the class we would move along much faster. I have never had a dog house trained so fast, within 2 days she was sitting at the door to be let out and in, when we first got her I set 2 hour alarms on my and the wifs phone and would call her outside and we would stay outside no matter how long it took until she did her thing then we would praise and love her up like crazy, have yet to have one accident. She is also kenneled, first two nights where rough (new baby x's 50) after 3 days of some praise and love when she gets in her den and lots of loud shoosh's and no's when she whines she now sleeps the whole night quietly PLUS she puts her self in the kennel during the day for naps (the kennel door stays open in the day). I work with her and hour a day in 15-20min intervals (hard to keep a puppy focused) on basic obedience, funny enough I was having a hard time with just the "come" command and so I called the breeder and asked what I was doing wrong, come to find out I fucked up, I had previously used "come" with some frustration and mad tones so the word "come" was no longer good so I went with "kommen Sie" with a very happy uplifting, loving tone and within 40min I was calling here from anywhere and she would come a running. Currently she is trained with the following commands, come (kommen sie), sit, lay down, crate (kiste) and soft (weich) for when we are playing/rough housing. Bar none the fastest learning dog I have ever owned, she is also extremely docile when being handled, she just goes into relaxed mode no matter how your holding her, hell my 3 year old Rebel will pick her up and she just turn limp and goes with it without a care in the world. I could keep going on and on about her and the breed in general but Im just so blessed a customer came to me and told me about the breed in general, I owe him a bunch of free custom kit now, lol..

was hot out so she dug her self a nice hold hole

Apparel / Nixon Tactical Combat Pants
« on: September 12, 2016, 08:34:23 PM »
Well it's been a while since I promised to show you guys what I've been working on. That's because things have taken way longer than I wanted...and also feature creep. But anyway, it's buttoned down now.

The first real offering is a pair of lightweight combat pants made from NYCO and Tweave. Multicam and Tan available. To be honest I think the only real choice is the multicam.

They still take way too long to make, but it's getting shorter with each revision/improvement.

Are they perfect? No. There are still things I'd like to add and improve, but a line in the sand had to be drawn!

Let me know what you guys think!


Oh btw, The pants I had on hand for the photos were slightly too small for the dude in question. So yes, they should be roomier than they appear in the pics.

Can see more at if you're so inclined.

Everything else / Quivers (pic heavy)
« on: August 10, 2016, 03:13:38 AM »
I recently made the girlfriend and I matching side quivers.
They are identical except that her's is 2 inches shorter to not totally swallow her arrows because I have a pretty long draw @ 30" (and her's is a little short).
I used 500d Ranger Green reinforced with HDPE and lined with felt to knock down on rattle. The stick connecting the top loop to the bottom is linseed oiled poplar laced on with 550 cord.
This type of quiver has been around for quite a while, but other than "side quiver" I don't know it's proper name. They are typically leather with a board connecting the top & bottom similar to these OR all leather with an opening to pull the arrows through.

The paracord in the bottom is actually a piece of shock cord in a paracord sheath to protect it from the points (mostly the broadheads). I gutted paracord, slithered the shock cord in and sewed it on one side then collapsed the paracord sheath down the shock cord and sewed it at the other end. I did this to make the paracord sheath a couple inches longer than the shock cord, so it can actually stretch.

It's used as a divider which allows me to organize my arrows so I can draw the arrow I want without looking.

The girlfriend using hers...

And me shooting at 2 square targets and a jack in the box cup, though I was shooting terribly in this video   :P

I also made a back quiver a few months ago with some unique features that I'll go over next time.

The office / Re: Thermal printer for shipping labels
« on: July 31, 2016, 09:28:52 PM »
I ended up purchasing a refurbished printer from the EBay seller Hippovariety, which is Hippodeals.
I had originally purchased a new unit off of Amazon, but the seller never sent my order after waiting three weeks.
This is my first label, so I will see how much time I save moving forward, but I already like how fast it is having sticky labels and not having to tape them.

Depends on the size of the pouch. A 2 column wide pouch needs a deeper zipper than a 3 wide etc.

If you want a general rule, I'd say 5/8 should be zipper. 2/3 might be too much if we're talking about 3wx3h+ pals pouches. ATS upright gp has 5/8s as far as I can tell, and it's my hands down favourite pouch owned.

As to why zippers are usually on the spine rather than on the top is simply because of the content. Unless it's a pouch dedicated to 1 item, such as nvgs, then I usually need to get to the bottom of the pouch to dig out whatever small thing is in there. General purpose should allow for GP- if not it's a DP :-X

Personally, I think 2/3rds is a good zip as it kets you get right to the bottom easily if needed.

Everything else / Laser cut project
« on: June 03, 2016, 04:36:47 PM »
My son is graduating high school this year and headed to the Marines this summer, he asked me to help him decorate his cap. I had a few yards of Marine fabric that I thought would work great.
Some parents have a "Cricket" paper cutter, I have a laser. It took a few hours and three test cuts to get it the way I wanted it. I learn a little more about my programs every time I try something new. The image was off the web and needed some work to get it to cut properly.
Enjoy, Scott

Pouches / 1000d gp pouch
« on: April 10, 2016, 10:02:27 AM »
Ran out of 1 inch webbing so no mounting system .....this just goes in my bag for keeping things seperate.
This is the first time ive turned out a relatively clean pouch so im pretty happy.... i just recently got my hands on a compound feed machine and i cant beleave the difference its making to my work
Its 7 by 5 inches and should fit on a belt kit nicely ....i dont really like the tall big ones i have brought before .....i like to keep it compact
Need to get my hands on some better zipper coil and better sliders ....i dont wanna go down the road of adding molle to the front but ive included kind of a little sleeve which is good for stuffing rags paperworks and plasters in

Platforms / Modular Belt System (Prototype)
« on: March 26, 2016, 06:29:10 PM »
Concept belt system, designed to fill the traditional battle belt roll while maintaining a very streamlined footprint. It is still in the prototype phase so there may be some design changes.

The system consists of liner belt, modular sleeve and a main belt. The liner belt replaces your regular pants belt and features a low profile Velcro closure. The outer face is covered with Velcro loop, which engages the modular sleeve and prevents the system from shifting or riding up.

The sleeve itself is only three inches tall and less than 3/8" thick. At it's core, It is constructed out of a proprietary combination of LDPE and Neoprene, making it an excellent blend of flexibility and rigidity. The outside of the sleeve is made up of segmented panels, beneath which there is a channel for the main belt to pass through. The panels allow the user to route the main belt along the outside to attach belt mounted accessories. As well, at the bottom of each panel there is a slot that allows access to the inside channel for the attachment of sub-loads.

The main belt pictured here is a single layer, load bearing belt, that uses an AustriAlpin D-Ring Cobra. There will likely be a few different belt options to choose from. Most 1.5" - 1.75" rigger's belts will work, so if the user already has a belt that they like, they will be able to use that.

As always, I'm interested in feedback and opinions. If anyone has any suggestions or comments, fire away. The two things I'd love to improve are:

1) Somehow eliminating the need for Velcro on the inside, while still providing an effect method of preventing the system from riding up. Velcro is the best solution I've found so far.

2) Eliminating the sewn on webbing. I'd love to replace the webbing with a laser cut Cordura laminate. That would drastically shorten the assembly time and make the system lighter and lower profile. If anyone knows a business willing to provide laminated laser cut parts, I'd be interested.

Packs and bags / X-Pac Civilian Backpack
« on: March 11, 2016, 12:15:42 AM »
Good morning / evening,
here my last backpack, nothing of special but i had some x-pac from long time and i wanted to try it on a backpack, it is soooo light. Same design of my civilian backpacks, hope you like it. i'm always open to suggestion.


The office / Packaging critiques
« on: January 22, 2016, 12:06:40 PM »
Ok guys, here's the packaging that my slings will be going out in.  Critiques appreciated, I only did a run of 50 of the inserts through VistaPrint, so it's an easy change if need be.  Bags are 5x8 4mil from ULine.


Photo Jan 22, 13 55 46 by X Echo 1, on Flickr

Photo Jan 22, 13 56 17 by X Echo 1, on Flickr

Pouches / Counterweight Pouch with Elastic Cyalume holders
« on: January 14, 2016, 10:24:24 AM »

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