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Asset exchange / M81 woodland MIL-W-5664 elastic 4" and 5"
« on: January 15, 2019, 07:27:58 PM »
Now accepting POs for M81 woodland MIL-W-5664 elastic in 4" and 5" in one and two side print.  Price not to exceed-

-4" one side $9/yard
-4" two side $11/yard
-5" one side $12/yard
-5" two side $14/yard

Order in 100 yard increments per width per style.

Approx 90 day lead time.  Funds due upon completion and prior to shipping.  FCA Phoenix, AZ, USA.  Your PO and UPS, FedEx, or DHL account number are necessary to participate.

Your participation may be disclosed to promote this and future buys.

Email your PO to <buyersclub AT wtfidea DOT com>

Service exchange / WTF cut and sew
« on: January 11, 2019, 09:46:28 AM »
WTF laser cut and sew products to your specifications using our stocked, USA made, Berry compliant, solution dyed, milspec fabrics in ranger green, black, coyote brown, and Multicam.


    -OEM, ODM, and contract sewing; short (QTY 10 per color per style) to long runs
    -Milspec printed tags and apparel care labels
    -Warehouse & dropship your products with a legal, fictitious address to conceal origin
    -White background product photography w/optional props and models
    -Rapid CAD, patternmaking, BOM, TDP, etc and prototyping and development
    -Contract laser cutting up to 66" x 98"
    -Laminating of almost anything to almost anything
    -Reducing costs by ensuring proper execution the first time
    -Self contained operations;  Our costing, design, cutting, sewing, marketing, photography, warehousing, and logistics are under one climate controlled roof.

Purchasing options:

    -Individual and blanket purchase orders
    -IMPAC, GPCs, government purchasing cards, discretionary funds
    -Wire transfer, bank drafts, major credit and debit cards via website checkout

Freight options:

    -Common carrier, LTL, trailer, and container freight options
    -Palletized and custom crated freight on carrier of choice or best rate
    -All shipments are offered FCA Phoenix, AZ, USA

A history of performance:

    -WTF have successfully delivered hundreds of thousands of good parts over more than 13 years of business.
    -WTF have constantly introduced materials, technologies, and processes at an affordable price for integration by other manufacturers.
    -WTF have been recognized over the years by notable industry publications.

Sustainability & continuity:

    -A pricing model to pay above average talent an above average wage is the foundation of this company.  Good pay increases employee morale and product quality.  Good pay reduces turnover, brain drain, and associated costs with training new labor.  The employee benefits from good pay.  The enthusiast, patrolman, and serviceman benefit from a well compensated employee with financial motivation to produce a good part.  WTF ultimately benefit from an employee with good pay.  We take pride in taking care of the employee who take care of your parts.  In the War On Wages; Just Say No to prison labor, slave labor, and undercompensated labor in developed and developing nations.

    -Self contained operations;  Our costing, design, cutting, and sewing operations are on site and under one roof.  This significantly reduces time and cost associated with product development.

    -A flexible workforce;  Maintaining a flexible pool of qualified, trained labor enables us to be responsive and accommodating to our employees' changing scheduling needs.  Moreover, we can scale for production capacity demand as necessary without major interruption to daily operations.

    -All manufacturing and warehouse space is air conditioned and heated year round for employee comfort and focus on your products.  WTF constantly update equipment with the latest, ergonomic, and human friendly options.  We focus on reducing employee fatigue so they may better concentrate on producing a good part.

   -Manufacturing operations are in Phoenix, Arizona far from natural disaster and political and economic instability.  Arizona's infrastructure is new and well managed with reliable roads, airports, power, water, and fiber.  Arizona's stable, relatively mild weather allows for three shift, 7 day a week operations year round as necessary.  When seasonal or unexpected natural disasters paralyze operations in other regions, we're producing.

    -A financially responsible ownership;  We're much more interested in building a long term revenue generating apparatus than refinancing real estate and buying toys.  We live modestly, drive modestly, and minimize participation in high risk activities.
    We spend as much time researching legal professionals as we do our processes and machinery.  We retain these professionals.  We listen to them.  A proactive legal team ensure compliance with applicable laws and regulations to ensure uninterrupted daily operations.

WTF are a complete conversion, manufacturing, and logistical solution for your gear designs.  We can consistently deliver parts to your specifications and destinations.

NDAs are accepted electronically in PDF form from your counsel's email address for inspection and evaluation with a $250 inspection and evaluation fee.  The fee is credited to your first order.  Working with so many designers and manufacturers often results in receiving similar requests from multiple customers, convergent evolution, and similar circumstances.  NDAs, non comps, etc, are typically too vague and potentially disruptive to our business as an agreement with one party could preclude us from doing business with another.  If you have an adversarial, suspicious, xenophobic, or similar mindset toward vendors please look elsewhere.

Our OEM services exist to create a sustainable income for our employees, your brand, and WTF.  It's in our best interest to take excellent care of our customers.  Backdooring parts and otherwise alienating customers is not a sustainable business model.  WTF make specialized materials and manufacturing processes affordable and readily available to those who may be otherwise unable to access them.  Moreover, we have experience with a vast width and breadth of materials and their respective applications within and beyond the textiles realm.

There is an astonishing collection of high performance machinery and talent within our operation.  We like to keep our machinery producing and our talent engaged.  Whether revenue is generated through our brand or yours is irrelevant to us.



Off Topic / New (gingerbread) machine
« on: December 12, 2018, 03:12:31 PM »
Figured some of you might enjoy this gingerbread Juki, or Julki ("jul" means christmas) we made at Norrøna for a gingerbread competition.

We couldn't get the thread through the take-up lever so if anyone have a suggestion to fix this we'd appreciate it! ;D

A friend made this during his lunch hour. I was more than a bit surprised to get it!

Solid aluminum block with magnets.

Packs and bags / Proton Pack - Sling Messenger Bag
« on: October 29, 2018, 08:04:20 AM »
Adapted my pattern for a smaller waist/slingpack and elongated the body and widend it by an inch. I am digging it!

1680D nylon with 420 packcloth (teal) interior.

Hey everyone, so while stitching part time i have also been at university studying electronic and electrical engineering, currently in my final year which means Honours Project dissertation woo.

For my dissertation i am designing and building a automatic cutting machine for webbing etc. The features as of writing this is as follows:
Automatic feeding of up to 5" wide material/materials
steady Temperature controlled Hot knife cutting
user selectable cutting temperature
Accurate Cutting to specified lengths (currently increments of 5mm)
Quantity of cuts to 9999
Easy user interface
Cut from user provided file ( see Below)

as well as the above the aim is to make it as small and also as cheap as possible without jeopardizing function or durability.

The final features is to allow the user to create a simple file that has all the cuts for a product place it on a USB, insert into the machine and be able to cut the lengths on the file to the quantity inputted on the machine. this was with a product with multiple lengths in mind like a chest rig to make setting up a production run of cutting simpler and as the files will be incredible tiny

i was wondering if there is any features you guys like or would like in an automatic cutter or any considerations to take into account, If any of you are interested in the progress i can keep you all updated.

Thanks in advance for any input

WTF stock ACRONYM and SQUADRON laminate for cutting parts to your spec.  For contract cutting we charge cost + 10% for materials we stock.  10% pays for the the energy to get it here and store it in a climate controlled environment.

We can cut parts up to 54.75" 1390mm wide (limited by the 55" 1397mm width of laminate fabric) x 98" 2490mm long.

Email your CAD (dxf, cdr, or PDF please) to <quote AT wtfidea DOT com> for a fixed, per part price plus setup fee per color.  We accept CAD for individual parts and nested layouts.

NDAs may be submitted for inspection with a $250 counsel inspection fee.  The fee is credited to your first order.  Attorneys who actively practice IP and gear design ain't cheap.  It doesn't make financial sense for us to participate in an agreement that hinders our business.  We stock laminate to sell laser time: cut yardage rates and 5 yard rolls rate reflect this.

$23.34/sq yd or $35.67/55" wide linear yard (retail 55" wide cut yardage @ $73.12 / yard, 5 yard roll @ $53.05/yard) WTF ACRONYM laminate 500D Multicam / 500D Multicam

$25.56/sq yd or $39.05/55" wide linear yard Brookwood SQUADRON laminate 500D Multicam / 1000D solution dyed coyote brown

$17.36/sq yd or $26.52/55" wide linear yard WTF ACRONYM laminate 500D solution dyed coyote brown / 500D solution dyed coyote brown

$24.91/sq yd or $35.07/55" wide linear yard Brookwood SQUADRON laminate 500D solution dyed coyote brown / 1000D solution dyed coyote brown

$17.36/sq yd or $26.52/55" wide linear yard WTF ACRONYM laminate 500D solution dyed black / 500D solution dyed black

$22.32/sq yd or $34.10/55" wide linear yard Brookwood SQUADRON laminate 500D NOT SOLUTION DYED black / 1000D NOT SOLUTION DYED black

$17.36/sq yd or $26.52/55" wide linear yard WTF ACRONYM laminate 500D solution dyed ranger green / 500D solution dyed ranger green

$00.00/sq yd Brookwood SQUADRON laminate not available in ranger green

$20.19/sq yd or $30.85/55" wide linear yard WTF ACRONYM laminate 500D solution dyed wolf grey / 500D solution dyed wolf grey

$22.32/sq yd or $34.10/55" wide linear yard Brookwood SQUADRON laminate 500D NOT SOLUTION DYED wolf grey / 1000D NOT SOLUTION DYED wolf grey

$23.34/sq yd or $35.67/55" wide linear yard (retail 55" wide cut yardage @ $73.12 / yard, 5 yard roll @ $53.05/yard) WTF ACRONYM laminate 500D Multicam BLACK / 500D Multicam BLACK

$00.00/sq yd Brookwood SQUADRON laminate not available in Multicam BLACK

$23.34/sq yd or $35.67/55" wide linear yard (retail 55" wide cut yardage @ $73.12 / yard, 5 yard roll @ $53.05/yard) WTF ACRONYM laminate 500D Multicam TROPIC / 500D Multicam TROPIC

$00.00/sq yd Brookwood SQUADRON laminate not available in Multicam TROPIC

$23.34/sq yd or $35.67/55" wide linear yard (retail 55" wide cut yardage @ $73.12 / yard, 5 yard roll @ $53.05/yard) WTF ACRONYM laminate 500D Multicam ARID / 500D Multicam ARID

$00.00/sq yd Brookwood SQUADRON laminate not available in Multicam ARID

$23.34/sq yd or $35.67/55" wide linear yard (retail 55" wide cut yardage @ $73.12 / yard, 5 yard roll @ $53.05/yard) WTF ACRONYM laminate 500D Multicam ALIPNE / 500D Multicam ALPINE

$00.00/sq yd Brookwood SQUADRON laminate not available in Multicam ALPINE

Pouches / Double AK mag pouch us-british style hybrid
« on: August 08, 2018, 04:52:50 AM »
Made this pouch for two AK74 magazines. The design is based on US MOLLE double magazine pouch (with lid protecting magazines from dirt), but with typical British long webbing/velcro flap. I wanted to install metal snap on the bottom of the velcro, but I was lazy. It also has elastic cord retention and side PALS loops (for small pouches like pistol mag or multitool). On the back there is a classic PALS attachment without any metal snaps, very reliable. The clips are made of two layers of webbing with plastic pieces in between.

Tutorials and techniques / Re: Messy stitches on tubular
« on: July 26, 2018, 10:42:38 AM »
I would raise the top tension and increase the needle size, so the thread slides easier in the eye and also make bigger holes. 110/18 may be too small I generally use 130/21 for everything.

Service exchange / Laser cutting up to 66" x 98"
« on: July 21, 2018, 08:10:30 AM »
Whiskey Two Four are excited to enhance our OEM and contract services with laser cutting up to 66" x 98"

Whiskey Two Four stocks numerous narrow and wide fabrics and related materials ready to convert into components or finished, sewn parts-

-60" 500D in MultiCam and solution dyed ranger, black, coyote, wolf grey

-54/60" loop in MultiCam, black, coyote, ranger

-58" ACRONYM in MultiCam, Multicam black, coyote, black, ranger

-24.5" ACRONYM in MultiCam, Multicam black, Multicam arid, Multicam tropic, Multicam Alpine, M81, black, coyote, ranger, wolf grey, A-TACS iX

-60" 35oz HANK in black, coyote, and tan 499

-60" 18oz HANK in black, coyote, ranger, tan 499, camo 483, wolf grey

-60" NYCO ripstop Multicam, black, ranger, and coyote

-48" x 96" black HDPE .030" and .060"

-48" x 96" x .125" closed cell neoprene sponge foam

-48" x 96" x .125" and .25" clear cast acrylic

-seasonal hardwoods

-various aircraft plywood

Send RFQs to <quote AT wtfidea DOT com> with files in both dxf and pdf form and desired material.

Quotes are usually turned in 72 hours and include pricing from a sample part to 500 parts.  Need more?  No problem (:

Jobs typically turn in less than 30 days.

Terms are prepayment via squareup or PayPal.  Repeat customers may submit a PO and pay upon shipping.  Provide your UPS, DHL, or FedEx account number for faster processing.

On my list of things I don’t like to do:

Top stitching after turning right side out, it can be a pain to get the fabric to fold next to the seam line when using 1,000d with 1,000 d. I currently use a long flat screwdriver shoved in the product to coax the seam out.

Repairing old gear, because of ripping old dirty stitches out and then trying to put it back together when the binding feels like it either grew or shrunk. Also because the customer has no idea how much time it takes to modify their gear, for that reason I rarely do these jobs and when I do, it’s only only for family or close friends. (Which further reduces my chance of getting paid). LOL

Cutting intricate parts out of fabric, pre-laser. After the laser purchase it was the time consuming part of learning CAD and replicating my existing patterns.

I have a love/hate relationship for repetitive jobs. I time myself for each operation to help stay motivated because a simple one minute operation on a 300 piece order is five hours. Which I recently came to realize while working on my largest order to date.

I'm surprised that so many of you struggle with zippers... I do it pretty much every day, in all kinds of sizes from #3 to #10, in regular, reversed, reversed coated, invisible and with locking and non-locking sliders in various combos up to 4 sliders per zipper and while at times it can be fiddly, but it's not the part that sucks or eats time in my world.

- Repairs/Modifications. The client has 0 idea about the stuff involved in repairs or modification, so you can't make money on it. And it sucks to pop out year old dirty thread. But I don't do repairs or modifications because I hate it.
- Cutting. Holy fucking hell cutting by hand sucks. Especially for bigger projects or batch cutting. Everything sucks to cut in it's own way, but light fabrics that fray in the wind are the absolute worst.
- Production sewing. Unless you have a crew of friends and tons of beer, anything more than a batch of 2 drives me crazy.

Suck at:
- Coverstitching without spending a lot of time preparing it. If you miss the edge that is supposed to be covered, the only way to make it nice is to start over.
- Threading flatlock machines.
- Work at home on my own projects after a day at work.

Tutorials and techniques / Re: Sort of a tutorial for a backpack.
« on: June 05, 2018, 08:24:18 AM »
If you want it to be a tutorial, then you should write some words about what's going on in the photos. The main reason for this is that people who are looking for tutorials, have most likely not sewn for a long time or have never sewn at all. Without  text to go with the photos, you're lifting the bar probably too high for people who aren't already aware of what's going on and could build something similar.

Asset exchange / Murdock 1" M81 woodland jacquard woven webbing
« on: May 08, 2018, 11:21:55 AM »
***webbing is due mid to late August***

Murdock 1" M81 woodland jacquard woven webbing.

-(1) 50 yard roll- $4.00 / yard

-(4) 50 yard rolls- $2.00 / yard

-(10) 50 yard rolls- $1.43/yard

All prices are plus freight.  FCA Phoenix, AZ, USA.  Parts ship on your DHL, FedEx, or UPS account number.  If you don't have a DHL, FedEx, or UPS account, we bill actual shipping cost + 20%.

Email <oem AT wtfidea DOT com>

Congratulations! Out of curiosity - are there more than  1 designers at EI or do you replace a lone person who left?

There are multiple.  I'm one of three.  Really looking forward to working with them, I discovered one of them designed one of my favorite packs of all times, so it's a little surreal to be working alongside people that have designed things that I own and absolutely love.

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