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Well after psyopper posted his message, it got me thinking that this is MUCH better than nothing at all for the present moment...
Just got it home last night. Tuned up at John Harb Sewing here in LA, and she's running well!

Next machine will be a programmable pattern tacker such as the brother or Juki. Stopped in at Atlas Levy yesterday(my first machine came from him, and he's here in LA), he showed me a Brother clone pattern tacker with a 30x40 field, said the Brother software can be used on his machine as well. His machine is $2995, IIRC.

I asked him about separate clamps, as the machine I saw in his shop had the box/x clamp installed. He told me it comes with both clamps, the standard foot for 42/28 straight bartacks, and the box clamp feet as well. Would be wise to confirm just so you hear it directly yourself.


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