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Platforms / Re: Modular Belt System (Prototype)
« on: April 02, 2016, 09:01:27 AM »
Here's one in MultiCam Tropic

Platforms / Modular Belt System (Prototype)
« on: March 26, 2016, 06:29:10 PM »
Concept belt system, designed to fill the traditional battle belt roll while maintaining a very streamlined footprint. It is still in the prototype phase so there may be some design changes.

The system consists of liner belt, modular sleeve and a main belt. The liner belt replaces your regular pants belt and features a low profile Velcro closure. The outer face is covered with Velcro loop, which engages the modular sleeve and prevents the system from shifting or riding up.

The sleeve itself is only three inches tall and less than 3/8" thick. At it's core, It is constructed out of a proprietary combination of LDPE and Neoprene, making it an excellent blend of flexibility and rigidity. The outside of the sleeve is made up of segmented panels, beneath which there is a channel for the main belt to pass through. The panels allow the user to route the main belt along the outside to attach belt mounted accessories. As well, at the bottom of each panel there is a slot that allows access to the inside channel for the attachment of sub-loads.

The main belt pictured here is a single layer, load bearing belt, that uses an AustriAlpin D-Ring Cobra. There will likely be a few different belt options to choose from. Most 1.5" - 1.75" rigger's belts will work, so if the user already has a belt that they like, they will be able to use that.

As always, I'm interested in feedback and opinions. If anyone has any suggestions or comments, fire away. The two things I'd love to improve are:

1) Somehow eliminating the need for Velcro on the inside, while still providing an effect method of preventing the system from riding up. Velcro is the best solution I've found so far.

2) Eliminating the sewn on webbing. I'd love to replace the webbing with a laser cut Cordura laminate. That would drastically shorten the assembly time and make the system lighter and lower profile. If anyone knows a business willing to provide laminated laser cut parts, I'd be interested.

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