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Off Topic / Re: Carry websites?
« on: December 05, 2018, 11:57:15 AM »
The Perfect Pack, both the website and the Facebook group.

So here's what I ended up doing for the webbing storage. Not great, but it works for now.

Everything else / Re: Laser cut HANK zipper pulls
« on: August 14, 2015, 11:41:56 AM »
Red zipper pulls too!  Red crosses next (:


I'm a bit alarmed at the way a lot of us in this and other groups I have talked with do not use respirators, the correct clothing and/or fume scrubbers on their lasers when cutting HANK materials (AKA Trelleborg Hypalon).


Hope this helps, and stay safe!

Great point.

So many times capital equipment is purchased with no understanding of the ancillary equipment necessary for a professional operation.

Since the old fume extractor finally died, we're doing a write up on how things have changed in this class of machine.  Specifically, we'll be discussing a shiny, new BOFA AD 500 iQ. 

Spec sheet if you're interested.

This is what I've been wrecking myself trying to complete the past month:
Spare Barrel Scabbard: 1000d Multicam Cordura Exterior, 1" Murdock Jacquard Webbing, lined with charcoal grey Kevlar fabric for melt resistance, all seams exposed to scabbard inside are sewn with T70 Black spun Kevlar thread and T70 Tan499 Nomex on exterior, remaining bartacks and seams sewn with T70 thread. This one is sized for a Mk46, Mk48 or M240L short barrel.

Inside flap has black Kevlar pocket for ruptured cartridge or gas pistol cleaning tools:

Along the spine is a 1.5" webbing pocket for carrying an assembled cleaning rod for punching barrels fouled from blanks or punching stuck brass/cartridge in chamber.   There is no female snap set into the flap yet because I haven't decided which cleaning rod to use since the Army issues mostly the Otis kits anymore.   A WWII M1 Carbine M8 Cleaning Rod  would fit perfectly.

You can carry the spare barrel fully secured with the main flap, or, you can remove the main flap and the four Fastex SRBs to use scabbard with barrel handle exposed for quicker access, retained by single 1" webbing strap with SRB. Velcro is there for a folded Velcro/webbing patch to hold the slot closed, and, for sticking to optional hook Velcro to be sewn/self adhesive to the inside flap if the enduser decides its necessary while under field testing in the moment:

Heavy Weapons Support Carrier, aka M192 Beavertail, 1000d exterior, 1" Murdock Jacquard Webbing, coyote 16oz hypalon-lined.  Can be used to carry the M192 Tripod; 3ea 81mm tootsie tubes or M252 baseplate; 6ea 60mm tootsie tubes or M224 Baseplate; 2rd 84mm Carl Gustav RAAWS/Recoilless Rifle Carrier or M2/M3 Recoilless Rifle; or 5gal water can:

I made a Clothing Module, basically a 1000d/1" Murdock Jacquard Webbing MOLLE II Sustainment Pouch 2" taller to recup some of the carry capacity lost inside to the ammo can module:

We altered an issue Multicam Medium Ruck System with Downeast 1609 "U" Frame, I rebuilt the main compartment moving the #10 coil zipper along the front wall to give enough room on sidewall for a Helo Armament/M1026 7.62mm Feedchute and connectors.   I replaced all the Tan499 1" PALS Loops with 1" Murdock Jacquard webbing because I wanted the ruck to look as close to factory as possible instead of mixed color webbing on the exposed panels.  We moved the single flat and two vertical pockets from the back panel to sewn to the front MOLLE Panel, added 3 groups of 5 rows 1" Tan499 AA-55301 webbing to attach ammo can module with malice clips.  The two exterior pockets I removed, sewed a PALS backing to, for use with Malice Clips as detachable GP Pouches, the former top one fits well under the M192 Tripod Feed and the larger bottom pouch fits on exterior of the beavertail if need be.  I basically had just enough time to sew up the side seams and ammo can module before I had to go meet the enduser prior to movement.   He's already made some recommendations to improve system.

Here's the altered Medium Ruck, the Heavy Weapons Support Carrier and clothing module:

Everything else / Re: Accelerator Sling
« on: May 06, 2015, 09:10:47 AM »
Here's some new colours! MultiCam Black, Arid, Tropic and the original.

Platforms / AK Chest Rig
« on: March 03, 2015, 06:04:12 PM »
Hi there,

Here is an ak chest rig, 8x ak mag + 4x frag with some pals on each side and straps + an internal pouch. Also an mbitr & gps pouch already mounted on it...
I started with the base shape of a SPOSN Lazutchik chest-rig. Maybe the mesh wasn't the best choice for the inner part since it makes some noise if I wear some body armor underneath, and it hurts rubbing against the neck, so I made 2 pads in litelok ^^
Next time I think I'll put pals in place of the grenade pouches so it's a little more modular...

(Click for fullsize)


Here's my consolidated list. I exclusively use A&E, Anefil Bonded Nylon, Tex-70 (69). I should also mention that this size of thread and type are used with 500D Cordura. The order code is the 5 digits in brackets.

MultiCam A&E Shade 1600 (34140)
PenCott GreenZone A&E Green Olive (34067)
PenCott Badlands A&E Coyote 498 (63114)
PenCott Sandstorm A&E Desert Tan 459 (63142)
PenCott Snowdrift A&E Natural (30001)
Kryptek Mandrake A&E Shade 1600 (34140) OR A&E Green Olive (34067) ***if Murdock webbing is used***
Kryptek Highlander A&E Shade 1600 (34140)
Kryptek Typhon A&E Black (56033)
A-Tacs AU A&E Tan 499 (63233)
A-Tacs FG A&E Green Olive (34067)
AOR 1 A&E Shade 1600 (34140)
AOR 2 A&E Green Olive (34067)
Digital Desert/Desert MARPAT A&E Shade 1600 (34140)
Woodland MARPAT A&E Green Olive (34067)
Universal Camo A&E Foliage GN 504 (63120)
CADPAT TW A&E Green Olive (34067)
CADPAT AR A&E Shade 1600 (34140)
M81 Woodland A&E Green Olive (34067) I prefer the green look
Coyote Brown A&E Coyote 498 (63114)
Ranger Green A&E OD (34087)
Tan 499 A&E Shade 1600 (34140)
Foliage Green 504 A&E Foliage GN 504 (63120)
Desert Sand 503 A&E Desert Tan 459 (63142)
Camo Green 483 A&E CG483 (34094)

The office / Re: packaging and labeling your products
« on: January 28, 2015, 02:19:53 PM »
We had a talk with another company the makes kydex holsters and he also uses bags from raja. He was also not happy with the quality of the bags. We don't sell our products to retailers so holes in the bags would only for it to be use in our own storage room or for a display.

We used to have tyvek labels but after seing how they looked after pouches have been used we instead bought woven labels. Better quality and the price was also cheaper!

We use Vistaprint for our business cards both papir and magnets cards to hang on a refrigiator.

Vendors and sources / Re: M81 Woodland Webbing
« on: January 24, 2015, 10:46:14 PM »
Here is a picture of the Murdock webbing compared to Multicam and Coyote Brown 498. The webbing looks great, and it will save a bunch of time rather then cutting and folding fabric. The Picture is a little washed out, the webbing has deep sharp colors.
I never asked about order minimums because I figured anything less than 25,000 yards was what the original intent was.
I did tell him about our Global group and he told me that he had a person who carries his webbing in Europe.
The name is located in Berlin Germany.

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