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Materials science / Re: 55301 Webbing and Suggested Needle Type
« on: May 10, 2018, 05:03:55 PM »
What happens when you crank down the top tension? Are you able to tighten it enough to pull that bottom thread up into the webbing? It looks better on the far left stitching? What happened there?
Yes. I can crank it enough to pull it through in both directions. At the far left, my guess is since it's the end of the webbing, the ends of the weave are loose which allows the thread to pull though much easier.

If the webbing is really dense, you could try a larger needle size. Bigger hole will make more room for the thread. Out of curiosity, what make is the webbing?

A switched to a size 22 needle which allows me to get enough tension to pull the bobbin thread up if I over-tension it.
The webbing is Solution dyed cordura webbing from Rockywood, so I don't actually know where it was milled.

Materials science / Re: 55301 Webbing and Suggested Needle Type
« on: May 08, 2018, 07:22:05 PM »
Intro posted!

So we’re looking at the bottom side in your picture? How heavy is your bobbin tension?

You should set that so that if you were to put a full bobbin in the bobbin case, pull out 10-12” of thread and let the case dangle, it should just support its own weight. If you raise your hand slightly and then lower it, stopping fairly abruptly, about 6” of thread should come out of the case. Once that is set with the current thread weight, only adjust tension on the top thread, in order to strike a balance.

Bobbin tension is fairly light. I've even tried reducing it to zero with the same results. I'm not sure I fully understand how you're describing the method of setting the bobbin tension.

I'm skeptical top or bottom tension is the problem. I have no problem dialing in tension for other types of webbing, or other fabrics. Tension disks are brand new, and everything checks out in foot-up and foot-down positions.

Here's a pic to further illustrate my problem, again from the bottom side. I've set my tension so the thread locks when I run in the direction of the webbing. You can see that when I turn 90 degrees to run the stitches across the webbing, the green thread/bobbin thread no longer pulls up into the webbing. To me there is a clear difference when stitching in the different directions.

Introductions / Welcome from Canada
« on: May 08, 2018, 06:41:14 PM »
Hi from Ontario! I'm very new to sewing and gearmaking, I've been doing it in my spare time on and off for about a year and a half now. I started off making gear loops and small accessories, and am currently working towards a plate carrier. I find it hard to get milspec materials in-country, so I find I end up spending more time looking for supplies and doing materials research that I do actually sewing, which ultimately led me to this forum as well as leatherworker. Figured it was about time to register.

Most of my skills are in computer drafting, design and 3d-modelling which has transferred well to coming up with ideas for sewing. At my work I have access to a laser cutter which I plan to use for some project down the road.

I currently use a Juki-563 which I bought second-hand and have slowly been tuning and refurbishing. So far I've been doing this mainly as a hobby for myself, modifying gear, or making the occasional piece for a friend.

Materials science / 55301 Webbing and Suggested Needle Type
« on: May 07, 2018, 08:12:47 PM »
I've been trying to sew some 55301-style webbing but am running into a tension issue.
When I sew with the direction of the webbing, everything works as it should, I set the tension and the threads lock in nicely.

Where I start to run in to problems is when I sew across the webbing; regardless of how much tension I apply, I end up not being able to pull the bobbin thread up into the webbing.

I'm curious what size and type of needle you have had success using with this type of webbing. Currently I am using a size 20 universal needle, with size 69 thread on a Juki-563

Image of me testing different tension settings (Green is bobbin thread):

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