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Hello all,

I'm not sewing much any more so you may not even recognize my name. I used to be pretty active in the old DIY Tactical forum.

My brother came into a few industrial machines when his wife inherited a property in Montana. Garage find material that I haven't looked at myself, but here it is. Sorry, no photos either. Caveat Emptor. Heads are in Seattle for service, tables and the rest are still in Montana. He goes back and forth between the two areas and down to Portland ocasionally and has a pick-up truck, so delivery across the PNW from Montana/Idaho/Washington/Northern Oregon is a possibility.

This is the garage find I always dreamed about and never came across.

He came to me to see if I wanted to get back into sewing and expand my shop, but I don't think I'm interested. We're both retired US Army (both are E7's) and support small businesses and are hoping to find a home shop that wants to expand, or a small veteran owned business that is looking for their next growth opportunity. He knows he can probably peddle them off to sew shops around JBLM, but would prefer to help out someone who needs it more instead.

He took all the heads to a place local to him in Seattle and was told they are in excellent functional condition. The shop gave him good ballpark figures on value so unfortunately there are no steals to be found here, though I can't speak to his ability to negotiate.

Frist are a pair of Pfaff 145. One of them is reportedly in excellent condition all the way around, head, table motor. The other needs a fresh table surface, but is otherwise working fine. Clutch motors on both, working fine.

Next is a Consew 206 RB2. I had one of these for a while and it's a super sweet machine with a really great 60's vintage look and a funky lift-for-reverse lever that has a separate reverse stitch length built in to it. Clutch motor works fine. No lamp.

Finally is a Chandler 67, which is essentially a 206 RB with a horizontal hook, built in Germany. Probably needs a new table surface. Clutch motor works. Might need a new lamp.

You can contact me here but I don't check in very often, so shoot me an email at too.


Sailrite's "universal" attachments are of a much higher quality than any of the other generic attachments out there. I never have an issue with my Sailrite attachments running out of true. My generic binders are garbage and I have thrown them all away.

They may look like the others, but they are better. They may cost more than the others, but you get what you pay for.

After that, then as mentioned, Tennessee Attachment is the place to go. Get a copy of their printed catalog, it will blow your mind.

$400 is a darned fine price for that machine. Put $100 into it in knives and a table top, plus your own labor, and you could turn it around for $800 or more.

If I was in LA I'd be over there tomorrow, and I don't even sew any more.

Close by to where? Now that you've turned it down maybe someone else might like to try and clean it up!

Workspace, tools, machinery, and manufacturing / Re: Snaps
« on: March 02, 2017, 08:43:48 AM »
I suspect most people here are using "Pull The Dot" snaps for their known security and the unique way that they only open from one direction - which helps prevent unwanted openings. They are widely available at most bulk suppliers in a black finish.

Workspace, tools, machinery, and manufacturing / Re: Machine Lighting
« on: February 22, 2017, 06:16:36 PM »
The best set-up I've used was made up of a multi-point lighting system. I used 6 or so of the cheap aluminum workshop lights hung at various locations and angles to prevent hard shadows. Think along the lines of setting up a 5.1 surround system, but with task lamps. Vary the location, height and angles to even out the distribution of light. I used 2800k CFL's, but I think LED's in the same color range would work just as well - Ikea sells them for $3 each now. This is also really useful around your cutting table too.

Introductions / Hello (again)
« on: February 21, 2017, 03:37:43 AM »
Hello everyone,

I was wondering what happened to the old DIY Tactical forum and I remembered that this place had sprung up in it's stead. I haven't been making much since I got back from Afghanistan in 2013, though I did pick up a Juki LU 1508 NH right when I got home, along with a free standing grommet and snap press. They're both sitting in the craft room gathering dust and cat hair at this point.

I just decided to log back in after one of my old customers hit me up on Facebook. Figured I did quite enjoy making kit and maybe I should be looking back into it again.

Introductions / Hello
« on: April 02, 2015, 12:16:37 PM »
Hello all,

I recognize some faces from the other forum. Haven't been behind the machine in a while. Came back from Afghanistan in August of '13 and life spun me in a different direction completely. Bought a house, landed a real full time civilian gig, bought a motorcycle and picked up a Juki 1508. I wound up selling my baby - an original Consew 206-RB, to a local (and nationally known) womens bag maker here in Portland.

Oh yeah, I also found a full sized standing snap/grommet press and put that in the shop too.

My prototyping business, Psyopper Nylon Gear is pretty much stalled dead at this point for a lack of interest on my part. Hopefully this spring/summer I can turn this back around.

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