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How do you guys do style numbers ? I'm revisiting our way of doing it and wanted to see how others in the tactical gear and outdoor gear world implement them.

I've been a fan of using military terminology, however that doesn't always work well in the factory, with customers, and suppliers.

For example, the first # in the series is in relation to the level of gear. 1000 would be for first line gear, 2000 would be for 2nd line gear. That leaves you three numbers and 999 total for different products in that category/series. For example the first plate carrier you make could be 2001.

The idea of style #s is that you and your team can easily look at them an know what the product is (plate carrier, pouch, backpack, belt, etc) without having to be on a phone call saying, "Hey, lets talk about that MOLLE belt with the plastic buckle, 18th revision, that we worked on three months ago for a customer", and instead say we need to discuss Style # 1003 (First line products, third product in the series).

Now this makes sense to me and a few others, however it does not to a materials supplier, customer, some factory workers, etc.

How do you guys do it?

Some good resources from one of the best sources on this subject, however it's apparel focused.

Required Reading (Buy this book):

Asset exchange / ISO WTB 500D ATACS-FG Fabric Need 5-6 yards
« on: August 15, 2017, 08:54:29 AM »
Does anyone have 500D ATACS-FG they are open to selling? Need 5-6 yards. Can pay via paypal or whatever method works best.


Materials science / Looking for Heat Shrink Tubing Supplier
« on: July 31, 2017, 03:59:52 PM »
Can someone recommend a heat shrink tubing manufacturer/supplier? Preferably not a middle man company, I'm looking to buy volume and would like to purchase direct from the factory if possible. Made in America is a big plus. Not having luck with google, all I'm finding are resellers with large markups.

What do you guys use for taking videos sewing? How are you editing the videos?

I'm looking for quick and simple solutions to record sewing instructions and quickly edit the videos.

Any advice on best camera, mounts, and editing software is greatly appreciated. Would love to be able to record things by myself without a second person recording while I'm sewing.

What are the US Military pantone colors for Tan 499, Coyote Brown 498 and Ranger Green?

All the info I could is below and it's confusing:
Dude, I found something for you. Coyote brown is the same as Ralph Lauren color 8F11B.
After about 2 more hours of web searching I've answered my own question.

Coyote Brown is Ralph Lauren (RL) Santa Fe (SF) color 11B (RL SF11B). Obsolete but still can be custom mixed. Natick Labs says it will never be an FS595 color, that there will be a custom color chip for it.

Apparently Dark Earth FS595 30118 is a close match (but not exactly that color).

Anyone have a reliable and consistent source for Multicam and solid color LiteLok fabric?

Can someone please provide me withe the contact info for the person and company that makes the Raptor belt buckle? I'm not looking for a reseller, need to deal direct for large volumes.


Vendors and sources / Looking for source of apparel magnets
« on: July 03, 2015, 12:08:42 PM »
Does anyone have a good source in the US for apparel magnets? They don't have to be made in the USA but that would be a plus.

Vendors and sources / Source for zipper pulls
« on: June 08, 2015, 11:14:24 AM »
Does anyone have a berry compliant source for this style of zipper pull? It's similar to what is being used by Velocity/Mayflower, Truspec and a few other brands.

I'm looking for the following to purchase asap.

All parts are from Ideal Fasteners
#9 zipper, Color: AOR2, 9NC 3/4 TAC CC, AOR2-C0190/IR SAND C0073, Qty: 200 yards
#9 zipper, Color: Ranger Green, Qty: 75 yards (Note: we’ll take any green color like foliage or something close)
#9 revser sliders, Color: toasty beige, Qty:2,500

Vendors and sources / Looking for Source: Tactical Handle Beads
« on: March 05, 2015, 11:08:00 AM »
Can someone please provide me with a source for the following beads used in these products?



I've got to make some crazy custom patches that have IR and Glo. Can someone please point me to a supplier/manufacturer of the materials for hex and non hex  infrared material and Glo materials? I'm looking for the materials supplier and not a shop that makes the patches or a middle man/re-seller.

I've got to make stuff like this:


I'll start things off:

Supplier: Coats
Size/Part #: Tex 70, GVT AA59826 TIICB Bonded Nonwick
Color: Coyote Brown 498
Fabrics used with: 70D up to 1000D nylon fabrics (solid coyote brown 498 color, multicam and AOR2), Trelleborg Hank fabrics (Coyote Brown)
Note: this is now my "go to thread"

Supplier: American & Efird
Size/Part #: BT-69E Bonded (A-A-59826)
Color: Coyote 498
Fabrics used with: 70D up to 1000D nylon fabrics in solid coyote brown 498 color, multicam and AOR2

Introductions / Greetings fellow textile laser cutting fanatics
« on: January 29, 2015, 01:24:47 PM »
Hi Everyone,

I'm Alex Gallo, a designer for Raine, and prior to that I designed gear at Armorworks. I've been laser cutting textiles for several years and been directly working with the textile mills to develop better composite fabrics for designers to laser cut and use for MOLLE/PALS instead of just barracked webbing.

I hope to contribute and think this place is a great idea. My hats off to Ryan for putting this together.

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