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This is an environment of sharing and encouragement.  This is not a place for shenanigans.

Respect yourself and others.  Be cool.

Don't stomp others' posts.  If you have criticism to offer, great.  Express your thoughts in a respectful manner identifying the perceived deficiency and offer your solution(s).  There's nothing wrong with constructive criticism.  Any amount of success typically requires an ability to handle it.  While every participant should expect and encourage criticism, one should not fear being chastised for an honest submission.  Encourage others to succeed.

Communities like this have an excellent side effect of weeding out the undesirables.  Sometimes a turd finds its way to the punchbowl.  Pirates and scoundrels will not be tolerated.  Be professional.  It's not that difficult to make money with original ideas in a legitimate fashion.

Pushing your brand  There are designated areas.  Do it there.  Don't spam with ads and links.  Feel free to share your website(s) in your signature.  Share your brand, links, etc upon introduction and when sharing work.

Full disclosure
  If you are the owner, representative, associate, employee, or otherwise intimately associated with a brand; your relationship and a link to the brand's website or social media shall be posted in your sigline.

Selling your stuff
  There is a designated area.  It is intended for raw materials, tools, and machinery.  Police yourselves, vet buyers and sellers, don't send something without first receiving payment.  Nobody is responsible for your actions or decisions but you.  Do not sell your finished products here.  You should have a website for that.  If you don't, this community will get you pointed in the right direction.

Blogs, reviewers, etc encourage media outlets to share content.  Please feel free to share posts from on your media streams.  Please credit the appropriate member/company by posting a link to their site and/or facebook.  Please credit by posting a link to our site and/or's facebook.

I'm a purchaser, evaluator, .gov rep, etc
  Excellent!  Welcome aboard!  Several companies here have their DUNS and CAGE and understand .gov purchasing protocol.  If you need to maintain a certain anonymity, we have relationships with vetted .mil contacts to assist in evaluating a project.  Just ask.

I'm not necessarily a gearmaker but I do fancy myself an enthusiast
  That's cool.  All gearmakers now, at some point, were not.  Everyone starts somewhere.  All are welcome here but please only contribute in a meaningful manner.  Please don't litter the forum with, "cool story, bro," or, "zomgbbqsammiches!  I need to buy that now!"  If you think what someone posted is totally neato, try PMing or emailing them.  Now that we've installed a, "like," mod, click the like icon to express your appreciation.  Posts irrelevant to a topic may be deleted.

There is an amazing resource here.  Please treat it with respect for today and tomorrow.  Despite what some may say, bandwidth is not financially crippling.  So long as there is activity, this site will be maintained.  Should it be decided we no longer wish to financially support this forum, we'll pass it along to a vetted party.

Web presence / Want to be on the home page of
« on: November 24, 2014, 12:22:35 PM »
Email a white background, 920x325 jpg to and we'll get it in the rotation.

Need help?  Post below so we may keep a Q&A dialog here :)

Info, rules, etiquette, site suggestions, and announcements / Direction
« on: November 24, 2014, 09:06:43 AM »
-Establish a central repository of relevant information to encourage participation by making it readily accessible at no cost to the skillsseeker.  From design to bookkeeping to photography to ecommerce and establishing a web presence; we'll tackle it all.

-Assist participants with brand exposure via cross promotion on and

-Explore standardizing practices, dimensions, and specifications to enhance design and manufacturing, product compatibility, and, ultimately, the end user's experience.  Developing something along the lines of Europe's EN 13402 could be very exciting.

-Encourage others to participate.  More participants means more mills and distributors offering more relevant products for the industry.

Vendors and sources / Textiles industry information sources
« on: November 20, 2014, 05:01:49 PM »
There are endless sources of information regarding textiles and manufacturing in the free world.

If you have a source you'd like to share, please reply to this post and we'll add it.

Carolina Textile District

Manufacturing Solutions Center

SOCOM Technical Experimentation 

Soldier Systems


Vendors and sources / Material, machinery, and tool sources
« on: November 20, 2014, 01:49:42 PM »
Looking for Cordura?  A sewing machine?  Webbing?  Something else?  See if it's below.  If not, please ask a question under Vendors and sources.  These companies are not listed in any particular order.  If you contact one of the companies below, please let them know you saw it on

Do you wish to add to the list?  Please reply to this post with your input and we'll add it to the list.  These are vendors we've used personally and can whole heartedly recommend.  Please use the same consideration when offering your suggestions.

Are you a rep for one of the companies listed below and wish to make a correction or addition?  Please email with your request.

Wide fabric

MMI Textiles-  PenCott, grey 500D 
Gerald Schwartz-  Textured nylon 1000D, 420D, more 
PK Supply-  Textured nylon 1000D, 420D, more 
Rockywoods-  Small quantities of everything 
Apex Mills-  Spacer mesh, DNB118 IOTV mesh, more 
OC Tactical-  Small quantities of everything 
DirecTex  Ranger green stuff and more
Tactical Trim  Everything stocked in Germany

Narrow fabric

Hudson Supply (Canada)- 
MMI Textiles-  grey webbing, hook, loop, and trim
Texcel-  Printed and solid webbing and narrow fabrics manufacturer 
Bally Ribbon-  webbing and narrow fabrics manufacturer
Rhode Island-  webbing and narrow fabrics manufacturer
Gerald Schwartz-  webbing, hook, loop, more
PK Supply-  webbing, hook, loop, more
AEC-  webbing and narrow fabrics manufacturer
OC Tactical-  Small quantities of everything 
DirecTex  Ranger green stuff and more
Tactical Trim  Everything stocked in Germany


Fastening Systems  ITW hardware (geographical restrictions)
PK Supply-  Duraflex hardware
OC Tactical-  Small quantities of everything
Tactical Trim  Everything stocked in Germany

Machinery and parts

Nick-O Sew-  sewing machines, presses, spreading equipment, spares, more   


WAWAK-  everything
Nick-O Sew-  sewing machines, presses, spreading equipment, spares, more   
Tactical Trim  Everything stocked in Germany

Introductions / Introduction primer
« on: November 17, 2014, 11:20:06 AM »
This is the internet.  Nobody expects anyone to use their real name.  While no one is expected to disclose personal information, it is paramount that anyone attached to a brand or manufacturer disclose their relationship. encourage participants to proudly represent their brand as prescribed.  Please share your link(s) for the community's benefit.

Input from participants is important.  While not every suggestion will be implemented, thoughts are welcome.

Please reply to this thread with your suggestion(s).

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