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Asset exchange / Looking to Buy: Multicam #8 Zipper Chain
« on: February 22, 2021, 04:59:31 PM »
Does anyone have multicam #8 zipper chain that I can buy? Need 25+ to 100+ yards

Open to YKK or Ideal Fasteners version.

Can someone please recommend a good supplier of an overseas made (Non-USA made) HANK/Hypalon Toll Coated alternative? I'm looking for 18oz to 35oz in solid colors (Coyote, Tan, Grey and Black) made overseas with good pricing and preferably low minimums.

Any help pointing me in the right direction is greatly appreciated.

Can someone help identify this?

What thread color/shade and supplier does Crye Precision use for the their Multicam gear/pouch products? I've read through the forum and have not had luck with the recommended shades of A&E, Coats or Fil-tec.

We are currently using A&E Coyote Brown 498 shade tex 70 for Multicam and coyote brown fabrics on pouches, however a new customer wants to "match the thread of Crye".

I'll be cutting Laminated nylon fabrics, Tegris and HANK/Hypalon in the near future on my laser and currently researching options for a good Fume Extractor/Scrubber.

Interested in hearing what you guys are using for your Fume Extractors/Scrubbers on your lasers and lessons learned on their setup, maintenance, and if you would buy the same model/brand again if you could do it over.

How much did your Fume Extractor cost?

Laser Cutter Manufacturer: WEIKE
Model: LC1610N with Reci 80W laser tube and RD6442 controller

Iíve got a challenge Iím hoping the braintrust here can help me figure out.

Iím trying to find a better workflow to recording and editing sewing instruction videos of new products I've designed for our production team (I'm located in Texas and they are in Indiana). Itís taking a significant amount of time to transfer the video files to a computer, edit them, render them, and save them to a USB flash drive.

I need to figure out how to do this quickly. Saving time is the most important thing. This is taking a significant amount of time and energy. It's taking away precious time that I can be spending with my wife and kids.

How do you guys do it? I'm open to all feedback and recommendations.

My current workflow is:
* It's a two person operation: one person sews and the 2nd person records the video on an iPhone 6 at 1080P, 60 fps on a mini tripod.
* We use a program called PauseCam because it lets us pause the video without it creating separate video files like it does if we use the regular iPhone video recorder, however we may go back to using the standard iPhone camera record because it can be easier to edit multiple clips then having to find the right points to trim and split a long video.
* After we record all the operations, I transfer the video files using Airdrop (Bluetooth transfer proprietary to apple devices) from the iPhone to a Macbook pro.
* I then import the files into iMovie (editing software that comes for free with Macs). There I have to trim the video clips, move around clips, and insert pictures and text. Inserting Text in iMovie is a headache, it doesnít have an option for static text without some gimmicky effect. Everything else is pretty simple drag and drop.
* Render/export the video in mp4 format in 1080P. This can take 1 to 2+ hours and the files can be massive (14+ gig).
* Days and weeks can go by before I have the time to edit and finalize the videos with our current workflow. We can forget things or realize we have to reshoot operations and/or video of operations disappear.

Options Iím about to try:

Option A.
* Download LumaFusion on my iPhone to edit the videos (LumaFusion was recommend by a lot of people on Reddit).
* Record the videos and edit each operation before continuing to the next sewing operation on the iPhone with LumaFusion.
* Finalize the editing, add text, etc in LumaFusion before finishing the sewing instruction session.
* Render the video in LumaFusion and Copy the competed video file to my Macbook via airdrop and then copy the video to a USB drive to send to the production team with the rest of the technical data package.

* Uploading the video to youtube takes too long due to the large file sizes and you have to baby sit it incase there are issues. Our production team prefers a USB flash drive with the video so they can keep it all together in a 3 ring binder with the technical data package, notes, etc for each product.

Option B.
* Buy a small android tablet with a SD card slot and preferably a USB connection and a camera that can record 1080p at 60fps or better.
* Find whatever the best editing software on the tablet is and apply the same workflow as in option A.

Option C.
* Something better that someone here recommends.

* I'm try to keep everything as simple as possible. For example, we make a powerpoint with the sewing steps. When recording the video, we flip to the page on the powerpoint, record the page with the camera and then start that operation to record. If we find issues in the powerpoint, we fix them and reshoot the operation.
* The videos and powerpoint with the sewing operations help us to remember how to sew something after we have not touched it for a long time and our production team to learn the product. Iíll make the trip to the factory a few times a year to help teach our team new products, however I cannot make a trip for every product.

Things Iíve tried:
* I googled a lot and found some good info on Reddit. The recommended free editing software for PC and MAC is DaVinci Resolve. I tried it and liked it, however it kept crashing on me making it unusable. I may need to update my operation system to High Sierra (currently on OS X El Capitan). I liked how you can drop text on black background easily, importing video and pictures was just like iMovie, and rendering video was fast and simple to do.
    * If there is a magic device out there that lets me take the video, edit it, add text and render/save it to a finished video quickly I would buy it.

    * Iím also trying to figure out how to do all of this by myself where I can sew and take the video at the same time without a second person.
    - I still do not know how to setup a trigger or remote to be able to start and pause the video recording without having to physically touch the camera.
    - Iíd also like to find a way to mirror the screen on the iPhone or tablet to a second tablet, phone or monitor that I can mount to the sewing machine or sewing machine table to let me see what is being recorded (the area that is being recorded incase I need to adjust the lighting or the camera on the fly).

    Does anyone know of a US source for circular knit in coyote 498? We have been buying the velcro brand wide circular knit material (same type they print multicam on that is 8oz.

    Our current supplier, MMI Textiles, found the coyote circular knit they have in stock is not the correct shade (coyote 459) of coyote we need and they would need to run a minimum 600 yards to get to the correct shade (Coyote 498). We only need 50 Ė 100 yards for an upcoming job.

    Any help is greatly appreciated.

    Would anyone be interested in buying scraps and drops of Trelleborg toll coated hypalon fabrics?

    I can sell by the pound. All leftovers are from laser cut runs. Lots of small and large pieces. Perfect for pouches and larger pieces.

    Have coyote brown 498:
    38oz (Hi-Tear) This is like HANK but even tougher and Stronger for laser cut MOLLE applications
    35oz (Hank)
    18oz (Hank)

    18oz (Hank)
    35oz (Hank)

    Note that these are all CSM toll coated fabrics. We call them hypalon, however Trelleborg has not made them with Hypalon for a long time. It's all made with CSM.

    Materials science / Help Identify this plastic piece and it's supplier
    « on: April 26, 2018, 08:20:52 AM »
    Please see the picture below with the plastic piece circled in red. Does anyone know who to buy this from and what the part # is? I'm looking for it in a Tan or Coyote color.

    It looks just like National Molding's Slick clip. I contacted National Molding and they said it is not their product. National Molding said the Slick clips only come in black.

    How do you guys do style numbers ? I'm revisiting our way of doing it and wanted to see how others in the tactical gear and outdoor gear world implement them.

    I've been a fan of using military terminology, however that doesn't always work well in the factory, with customers, and suppliers.

    For example, the first # in the series is in relation to the level of gear. 1000 would be for first line gear, 2000 would be for 2nd line gear. That leaves you three numbers and 999 total for different products in that category/series. For example the first plate carrier you make could be 2001.

    The idea of style #s is that you and your team can easily look at them an know what the product is (plate carrier, pouch, backpack, belt, etc) without having to be on a phone call saying, "Hey, lets talk about that MOLLE belt with the plastic buckle, 18th revision, that we worked on three months ago for a customer", and instead say we need to discuss Style # 1003 (First line products, third product in the series).

    Now this makes sense to me and a few others, however it does not to a materials supplier, customer, some factory workers, etc.

    How do you guys do it?

    Some good resources from one of the best sources on this subject, however it's apparel focused.

    Required Reading (Buy this book):

    Asset exchange / ISO WTB 500D ATACS-FG Fabric Need 5-6 yards
    « on: August 15, 2017, 08:54:29 AM »
    Does anyone have 500D ATACS-FG they are open to selling? Need 5-6 yards. Can pay via paypal or whatever method works best.


    Materials science / Looking for Heat Shrink Tubing Supplier
    « on: July 31, 2017, 03:59:52 PM »
    Can someone recommend a heat shrink tubing manufacturer/supplier? Preferably not a middle man company, I'm looking to buy volume and would like to purchase direct from the factory if possible. Made in America is a big plus. Not having luck with google, all I'm finding are resellers with large markups.

    What do you guys use for taking videos sewing? How are you editing the videos?

    I'm looking for quick and simple solutions to record sewing instructions and quickly edit the videos.

    Any advice on best camera, mounts, and editing software is greatly appreciated. Would love to be able to record things by myself without a second person recording while I'm sewing.

    What are the US Military pantone colors for Tan 499, Coyote Brown 498 and Ranger Green?

    All the info I could is below and it's confusing:
    Dude, I found something for you. Coyote brown is the same as Ralph Lauren color 8F11B.
    After about 2 more hours of web searching I've answered my own question.

    Coyote Brown is Ralph Lauren (RL) Santa Fe (SF) color 11B (RL SF11B). Obsolete but still can be custom mixed. Natick Labs says it will never be an FS595 color, that there will be a custom color chip for it.

    Apparently Dark Earth FS595 30118 is a close match (but not exactly that color).

    Anyone have a reliable and consistent source for Multicam and solid color LiteLok fabric?

    Can someone please provide me withe the contact info for the person and company that makes the Raptor belt buckle? I'm not looking for a reseller, need to deal direct for large volumes.


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