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Materials science / Looking for Heat Shrink Tubing Supplier
« on: July 31, 2017, 03:59:52 PM »
Can someone recommend a heat shrink tubing manufacturer/supplier? Preferably not a middle man company, I'm looking to buy volume and would like to purchase direct from the factory if possible. Made in America is a big plus. Not having luck with google, all I'm finding are resellers with large markups.

Materials science / Re: Looking for Stays for Packs
« on: July 31, 2017, 09:30:52 AM »
Give Randy and Cory at Harperworks a call. They did a ton of our frames for the marine pack systems back in the day. They have done work for Arcteryx too. Good prices.

They can supply the bent rods or build an entire riveted frame from metal to your spec. Good people.

Cory Harper
Harper Works, LLC

Vendors and sources / Re: Conventions and Trade Shows
« on: July 23, 2017, 05:37:20 PM »
Use the coat check at the convention center as a personal locker for all the stuff you'll pickup throughout the day. Bring a big rolling duffel and check it there every morning. It's $2 a day. You can access it as many times as you want. You can use coat check like a personal locker so you are not walking the floor with a ton of stuff. You'll get a lot of samples, free schwag, etc. If you are taking product samples to show to people, it lets you keep them in a secure place until you need to pull them out.

The coat check is to the right of the badge/registration area at the main convention entrance.

Also, if you have a buyers badge, there is a special lounge for buyers that has free wifi, drinks and snacks. They sometimes bring pretty cool schwag there. Last year they gave everyone a Thule back pack filled with cool stuff.

Vendors and sources / Re: Conventions and Trade Shows
« on: July 18, 2017, 01:57:54 PM »
It's a fun show. You need to setup all your meetings with materials suppliers asap to get decent meeting times. Set your bar low due to all this years drama. Hopefully you'll have a "Buyer" badge. They get all the best perks, everyone else is a commoner (remember, this show is mainly for buyers of outdoor gear for retail/online stores). The design areas are meh. The best part of the show is checking out new materials (mainly in the asia/pacific company areas), networking with other designers, materials suppliers and industry people. If you want to find all the special forces guys, and industry people on that side of things, go check out the Beyond clothing booth. It can be a hangout spot for mil/LE at the show.

Tips and tricks: Go to all the big and small companies you know at the show in our industry and introduce yourself. Tell them what you do. They are all pretty cool and could introduce you to others in our small industry. For example, go to Mystery ranch and talk to the owner/founder Dana. It may take a few tries to the booth to find him if he's in meetings.

The following show is not as "sexy", however it's legit. Tons of sewing machines and materials suppliers.

Lots of designers and manufacturing experts go to it.

What do you guys use for taking videos sewing? How are you editing the videos?

I'm looking for quick and simple solutions to record sewing instructions and quickly edit the videos.

Any advice on best camera, mounts, and editing software is greatly appreciated. Would love to be able to record things by myself without a second person recording while I'm sewing.

Thanks for all this info guys, I'm working on a polymer project. These colors would not be for fabric. The parts guys are asking me for the pantone info for the US military colors. We haven't even started scratching the surface of all the near and far IR requirements for US military....

These would for a polymer part and not textile. In the past I've seen color chips produced by National Molding, however I lost my set of color chips....

What are the US Military pantone colors for Tan 499, Coyote Brown 498 and Ranger Green?

All the info I could is below and it's confusing:
Dude, I found something for you. Coyote brown is the same as Ralph Lauren color 8F11B.
After about 2 more hours of web searching I've answered my own question.

Coyote Brown is Ralph Lauren (RL) Santa Fe (SF) color 11B (RL SF11B). Obsolete but still can be custom mixed. Natick Labs says it will never be an FS595 color, that there will be a custom color chip for it.

Apparently Dark Earth FS595 30118 is a close match (but not exactly that color).

What brand and model laser do you have? What type of metal are the parts inside your laser?


Thank you for the info. This is for a long term project. With it being discontinued, we'll have to go with another material we can reliably source. The market has spoken and just like 725D Multicam, LiteLok is now dead :(   Long live the LiteLok.

Fun fact, LiteLock was developed by Duro and Matt Johnson back when he was with BAE or Eagle for a lightweight concealed armor carrier fabric.

Bad news, Litelok is no more. It has been discontinued. I spoke to Ben G. at 1947. He said it's been discontinued for 3 years. It was a poor performer for them.

There is some available on rockywoods, however if you have this in one of your products, it's time to switch to something new.

Anyone have a reliable and consistent source for Multicam and solid color LiteLok fabric?

Go with the brother, we have several and they are great. Any issues and you can easily get parts.

Materials science / Re: 43668 vs 55301
« on: November 10, 2016, 12:05:08 PM »
Stiffening can be added with coatings and/or treatments as well.

Always make sure to put on purchase orders to suppliers that your webbing needs to be head treated!! This ensures that the webbing will not shrink when you heat cut it with a hot knife or automated hot cut webbing machine. Do not assume your supplier will always send you heat treated webbing. Learn from my expensive mistakes.

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