Author Topic: Coyote Tan499 ITW-Nexus IOTV/SPCS Upgrade/Repair Hardware Kit Deal $9.95 Shipped  (Read 1161 times)

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While searching out the correct hardware used in the Army Soldier Plate Carrier System SPCS, I accidentally found this steal of a steel parts deal, an IOTV/SPCS Upgrade/Repair Kit, issued to CIF and deploying units to allow the Joe the ability to repair/upgrade or replace lost/worn/broken parts.  It contains 25ea of 5 differnt ITW-Nexus hardware used in the IOTV/SPCS and other pieces of issue kit.     Contains the following, all in current US Army Coyote Tan499 (not USMC Coyote Brown Tan498):
  25each ITW 1" Oval Sliders
  25each ITW 1" Welded Oval Loops
  25each ITW 2" to 1" Adapters
  25each ITW 2" Bowed Triglides
  25each ITW 1" Repair Duckbill Ladder Locs

The kit weighs over 2lbs, so you might as well consider you are getting everything for $6 after USPS.    The 2" Bowed Triglides are pretty much unobtanium unless you want to order 3,000pcs from ITW.   The Oval Sliders can fetch $0.75-0.99each retail, about $0.24each wholesale.


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Good find, I purchased some repair kits when I first got started, it allowed me to get some hardware at a great price.
I just ordered some of these since I currently don't have any steel hardware but might have a few places to use it.