Author Topic: My new favorite HG gun  (Read 4180 times)

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Re: My new favorite HG gun
« Reply #15 on: February 14, 2017, 08:12:34 AM »
Beard, am I understanding the photos correctly that you glue webbing to the rig to act as a guide for the webbing that you're actually sewing? It's a smart move, only word of caution for anyone building one is to make sure that your webbing is in fact 1" and not +/- 1/6". But yeah, jigs like that are great, and you can make them any shape you want which is really useful if you have some more complex shapes than squares. Do you cut the part out prior or after sewing? And is the jig fixed to the fabric in any way?

Your right about the webbing not being exactly 1" but its all relative as long as you make the gap @ 1" on the jig , you just have to set the pals webbing in the same position across the board (IE: bottomed out on the top or bottom of the guide). I have done it both ways (pre-cutting the main body and doing it later) but I found if you make your jig the pattern also it saves time, I will make a pattern/jig for a chest rig so you guys can see how I go about doing it.