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That looks great! I find it difficult to get my stitching straight on leatherwork, looks like no issue for you at all!


--- Quote from: TangoDelta on April 04, 2017, 10:01:41 AM ---That looks great! I find it difficult to get my stitching straight on leatherwork, looks like no issue for you at all!

--- End quote ---

Thanks! I'd love to take credit for the straightness of the stitching, but I think most of the credit for this goes to the fact that I laser cut the holes. It's beautiful, every hole is the same size, the same distance from it's neighbors, and is perfectly offset from the edge.

Another big thing I found out was that making sure you keep the same order and position in your saddle stitching is critical. Always start each stitch from the same side, and always thread the second needle through in the same position with respect to the first thread (above/below). A "misplaced" stitch (thread below when it should be above...) causes the stitch to stand out against the rest, and really ruins a line.

Excellent pointers, thanks! I really like your work, looking forward to seeing more!

A few more items that I've made (had plenty of time with the forum being down...  ;D)

Pen Pouch:

Business card holder:

Custom Business card holder I made for the owner of a local construction company:

Field Notes Cover, with business card pockets:

A couple photos of some of my more recent leatherwork:

I had a request from a friend to make a double pocket version of my flat card wallet.

This also gave me a good opportunity to show how the patina develops on the Horween leather. These wallets are made from the same hide, and it demonstrates the patina that has developed over 1 months of daily use:

Another Flat Card Wallet made in more patriotic colors:

And something new: One of a few new designs I recently cut, and the first to be sewn up. It's a Valet Tray Pouch. It folds into a pouch to carry your items while you're en route, and becomes a valet tray to give them a nice home when you arrive. This is my favorite item so far, and really enjoyed making it. It's also by far the largest item I have hand sewn, and I had to rig up a special clamp to hold the components together while working on it:

A close-up of the engraving:

And here's the special clamp I had to rig up for this piece:


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