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Lately I have been looking into getting a website. Squarespace, Wix and Weebly are the three that I have been looking at. At a glance they look similar, but I feel like there is some background workings that separate the three, but not being made of money, I cant buy all three to compare. So I decided to ask the people who already use them. Which one do you use, how easy is it to accept orders, how easy is it to deal with shipping options? And if there is another website builder out there that I have not mentioned, I would love to hear about it! Thanks!!

For an all in one at a decent price, the godaddy online store walks you through everything, then when you feel you have reached the next step you can also insert code for a fully custom site. The market is saturated so you have pleanty of online store options but from my experiance what godaddy lacks in premade themes they make it up in everything else.

Here is a link to a discussion similar to what you are asking about.
Just a little update, I am still using a Go Daddy website, I know it is a little outdated but it still serves a purpose. Last year I had website sale which were 100 times the cost of my yearly fee.
Enjoy, Scott

I started out with Wix and it was terrible. Lots of bloated code (that you don't have access to btw) which makes load times painfully slow. Also Wix customer service is non-existent, if you need help they refer you to a "knowledge base" forum and basically you are on your own. I recently switched to Shopify and couldn't be happier. You are probably fine with any of those other than Wix to be honest.

Gear Dynamics:
I still use and highly recommend Squarespace. I've tried the others and they didn't offer a great eCommerce solution. I feel like Squarespace is easy enough to sort out for the lay person, and has enough features to make it a worthy choice. Although, I think they no longer offer the awesome plan I am on, and are now more expensive.


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