Author Topic: What's your video camera & software setup for Tutorials and sewing instructions  (Read 1497 times)

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What do you guys use for taking videos sewing? How are you editing the videos?

I'm looking for quick and simple solutions to record sewing instructions and quickly edit the videos.

Any advice on best camera, mounts, and editing software is greatly appreciated. Would love to be able to record things by myself without a second person recording while I'm sewing.


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So, I'm no expert, but...

I bought a Nikon d5300 a while ago, and used that to make some videos using the software that came on my mac.

I've also used my phone shooting 1080 p with a selfie stick taped to a drum cymbal stand.

Both have pros and cons. The expensive camera will give you more focus options, zoom, and depth of field control.

The phone has a wide angle, good autofocus and color balance, and as long as you are just trimming parts off the beginning and end, you can edit it on your phone and upload.

More i.portant than which camera you use is the lighting. You can get some pretty cheap light stands with diffusers and reflectors on Amazon.

One of these videos I shot with the d5300, and one was on my galaxy s7 phone (90% sure)

So, neither is great, but you can see the importance of lighting which was better in the second video. I believe it's possible to make quality videos with your phone if you set it up right.

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Use your phone and one of these screwed to your tripod head:

Lighting is up to you, watch YouTube videos on how to DIY your lighting, Despite working as a lighting tech for the past 8 yrs, me writing a dissertation here won't work as well as watching a properly done video tutorial.

For any "how to videos" now I just use my phone and a mount similar to the one above ^^^