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mixing camo

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Hey fellas,

Have any of you guys built any gear using either left-over material or just mixing/matching camo patterns? I have some odd size multicam, brookwood, tiger stripe, m81, and was thinking of making a Frankenstein rig out of it...essentially piecing together the different shapes into a workable size of material and building from there.

Has anyone ever asked you to make a franken rig before? Do you think it would cut cost to build one this way? It might be annoying to sew together a bunch of odd size pieces.

I thought think BOGear used to do this with his packs.

This thread reminds me of


I totally forgot about that chest rig...awesome. When I have a little more time I'm going to sew one up.

This should be a board challenge of some sort.

Not necessarily in making gear, but I like to use/wear Kryptek Highlander and standard MultiCam together.


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