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Jayson here and I am planning on putting together a laptop sleeve for her MacBook Air.  I plan on using a printed canvas type fabric with 1/4" padding and bind the inside seems.

I have the idea in my head (nothing complicated), but am uncertain how I go about sizing.  For example, the computer is 32.5cm x 22.7 x 1.7cm.  Would it work if I was to cut the two foam pieces (front and back) 32.5cm x 22.7cm and then add 2.5cm to the width and height to compensate for sewing inside out and then binding inside seems?  Given how thin the MacBook is, do I need to compensate for its thickness?  I have never worked with closed cell foam so this part is new to me.  Argh!  I know how simple this design is, but getting its sizing is a real challenge for me as it needs to be spot on.  Any comments or suggestions is greatly appreciated.  Thanks.


Yes, you need to compensate for the thickness of the laptop.
Can you add a simple sketch of what you have in mind, others here might be able to better give you some pointers?
If all else fails, cut your material a little large and stitch it together, with your widest stitch, then it will be easier to cut it back apart for modifications.

Gear Dynamics:
We made an iPad sleeve...havenít got around to formalizing it as a product, but Iíll try and get some pics for you. Even with the thin iPad, we needed to add some wiggle room to the sleeve.

Jayson here and thanks for the responses.  I will try to sketch what I am thinking, but really it is just a well, a sleeve to put her computer in. So it is a pretty simple design.  I tried to make one last year, but it was a disaster. It was shaped like an envelope, but nothing lined up properly.  I tried again and while it was more symmetrical, the sizing was off.  I have been going over YouTube, but nothing has really helped.  Given the amount of time both projects took, I am hoping to eliminate the above errors and get it right this time.  Her computer is less than a cm thick, but I now understand I need to take this into account.  What I am wondering is when binding fabric, how much 'extra' do I need to have to get a desired size?  Again this should be a simple project, but I am having a devil of  time with it.  It is rather embarrassing!

GD, please send those pics when you can.  I am highly interested in seeing them.  Thanks.


Are you planning to make a sleeve from 2 pieces/plaques, or 3(front/back + perimeter strip)?
What type of closure system will you use, a flap with velcro or a buckle, or a zipper?

Either way, with foam in simple projects like this,  I like to sew it into the panel it will inhabit, then stitch the assembled panels together. Then turn inside out.

Please upload a sketch or two of your design idea(s), as that will help us clarify your intent and offer suggestions on how to proceed as easily as possible  :)



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