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New shop, new circumstances
« on: December 18, 2017, 08:06:11 AM »
About 6 months ago we demolished the three bedrooms on our little 1000 square foot house, lived out of the front room for a while, and built an addition.  Has been an adventure.  Both my wife and I get dedicated sewing rooms.  We finished mine as quickly as we could...currently, Bergspitze Customs is the last knot on the end of my rope, having been laid off from my full time biochemistry job a month ago and my part time job (of 4 years) being converted to a full time job and given to someone else outside the organization this last week.  Glad to have sewing to fall back on, since other positions, short of flipping burgers, are few and far between right now in my area and we can't move until the house is done (and that would still suck to do after all this work).

So here's the first look at the new space.  Slightly over 300 square feet.  I converted half of a ping pong table into a cutting table with a large Rhino cutting mat on top.  That is attached to a fabric rack that I built from scraps from the construction, and another fabric rack sits underneath for the rest...amazing to see how much fabric has accumulated over the years.  My Consew 206RB-1 sits at the end of the table, raised up on risers to be at the same level as the table.  This provides extra support for larger objects.  Have a horse blanket dropped off for repair that is a perfect example of when that will be helpful.

Going around the room from there I have a large whiteboard (considering pulling it off the mount and putting it on the wall), rolling cart with small-parts bin that I have all my hardware sorted into, a Union Special 39500 overlock, Consew 29BL, Brother PR1000E embroidery machine, and a Juki LUH-520.  Back to the right is an L-shaped office desk with a hot knife cutter on the left side, a converted shoe rack holding all my narrow goods.  Under the narrow goods sits a blueprint cabinet that I got on the local classifieds for $40.  Will eventually convert all my pattern pieces to a sturdy option like chipboard and store them in there.

Tape on the walls marks the studs, so I can hang some more pegboard.  More photos to come.

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Re: New shop, new circumstances
« Reply #1 on: December 18, 2017, 10:31:41 AM »
Looks good. Id definitely wall mount that whiteboard, if you need such a beast. I think you could make due with a much smaller unit. Should also consider a high mounted shelves for additional tote storage. Ive found that in a small work space, using the space above the machines is paramount.


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Re: New shop, new circumstances
« Reply #2 on: December 18, 2017, 07:58:18 PM »
I like your jumbo white board, I have a smaller one that I use magnets to hold up my orders that need to be built as well as a list in the corner of needed supplies and vendors, so I can create stocking orders. I would suggest hanging it from the wall as well.
I also like your electric fabric cutter, I recently purchased one with a handle, so I can cut fabric off of the roll without having to walk around the table to finish my cut.
Looks Great, keep the pictures coming.