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So I left my shave kit at the locker room yesterday and today when I went back it wasn't there...

Now I have a reason to sew a new bag! I'm looking for input from you guys - what kind of features do you like in a toiletry / shave kit? I was originally going to sew a basic boxy pouch but since I'm building a pattern from scratch I may as well incorporate some flair.

Here's my list so far -

internal dividers for small items
external flat pocket
able to fold open/flat
can hang from a shower head

I'll post pictures when I finalize the design.


Gear Dynamics:
Honestly, I just use a small boxy pouch. Doesn’t lay flat, or hang, or roll. I just dig for things. I suppose a small closable devider would be nice.

Same.  Simple, small boxy type bag.  Only needs to carry a half-dozen things so I never bothered with anything more fancy for my own use.

Have done a couple fancier ones for customers though.  Dividers, internal pockets, straps and loops and hooks and such.  No two were the same request.  The most complicated ones are the ones that are ordered by women.  Has to fit a lot of stuff, and they want it organized, so a total different design is needed.

I have two kinds I like to make. Flat pouches and simple boxy dopp kits. Made boxy ones for everyone in our wedding party. The flat ones are a great way to use up leftover scraps. Make a tube, decide whether you want the zip on the top or middle and sew it shut. I've got so many bizarre combinations of liners and exteriors.

If it's for personal use, then go nuts with the design if you have the time, a small inner pocket for the little things is always handy. If it is something you want to sell, then keep it to a simple box shape. Most people don't want to spend much money on one.. the ones i sell are simple box types, with a 1" webbing carry loop sewd into thz seam


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