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Hey guys,

Working on a special project.
I was inspired by the S&S pull tabs and was looking for a geed replacemet made in the EU. As I did not found what I was looking for, I started creating my own to replace the webbing types.

Right know the design is at 95% and I had some prototypes made (3D printing). I have tested them on my kit and so far I'm really happy how they are at this moment.
The next thing will be looking for a manufacturer who can build a mold (injection molding) and see what this costs.

What do you guys think.


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Martial Concepts:
Looks cool.  Injection molding is cost effective at high quantities,  if you are only doing a few hundred it may not be the way to go.  I have a connection for injection molding that is currently doing some parts for me.  Let me know if you want info.

Gear Dynamics:
Looks good. What about adding a deep V notch on the bottom, to accommodate setting them on the corners of AK mags?

Awsome idea.
Never thought about that.

One product to serve them all!


Blue Force Gear has a V shaped pull tab. It's as ugly as sin. Probably 3-4 times as big as the S&S pull tab.


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