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Juki unveils model DDL-0401, the world's first bobbin-less lockstitch machine

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That was the joke, sorry if I got your hopes up.

Now that's just cruel  ;D

This is on par with silent hook and loop. Well played Sir, well played.

Actually if i am not mistaken. There exists solething like quiet loop

I've considered investing in a single needle chainstitch machine as some of my products involve pre-sewing during the assembly process, so using a lockstitch machine for the final topstitch or binding process works fine, but for everything else, IDK... I saw a post on Instagram recently from Nick-O-Sew that they sold some Juki 9010 needle feeds that had been converted to big bobbins. But I don't feel like dropping that kind of coin right now since I'm saving for a 2818 :)


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