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Jayson here and I am learning to put together MOLLE type pouches with a zipper and I want to have them lined.  What fabric should I use for this?
 From my readings, 420D nylon seems to be the preferred choice, but I have not found a Canadian source for this; however I do know a Canadian source for 200 Oxford that also happens to be local for me.  From my understanding, the 200 Oxford is not as strong as 420D, but it is lighter.  And since it will be used for only the interior of a pouch, would it make sense to use it?  If not, why?  Any thoughts or comments are greatly appreciated.  Thanks!


I don't build military-style gear, but to be quite frank (and in my opinion), the weight difference between 400D/420D and 200/210D is negligible on small items such as pouches, even on larger pieces such as duffel bags, etc. More durable, and according to my relatively rudimentary empirical testing, I've made the switch to 420D for pretty much all linings on my gear. However, 200/210D has it's merits, and I still use it on very light duty products(such as the interior of lens wraps, where a softer feel is better).

For mag pouches, the interior will see a good bit of in/out action, so I'd go with 420D, or even 500D cordura. I know "lightweight" is the name of the game, but I'd rather build a bulletproof product that is still relatively lightweight, but using quality ingredients in your recipe will help your products stand up to use and abuse, and when your product is the one that's still ticking years on, your customers will most likely see that and come back wanting more :)

But then again, this is my philosophy :)

Gear Dynamics:
Initially we tried 500D outer with 420D inner, but opted for two layers of 500D instead. Itís tougher, sturdier feeling and doesnít  require keeping stock of another material type.

Gear Dynamics:
Hereís a Canadian source for 420 Nylon:

Jayson here and thanks for the responses.  Yes, J Ennis Fabrics was who I was planning on getting 420D fabrics from, but the last time I was in contact with them, I was told 420D was being discontinued.  I am pleased to announce that this was wrong as I just got off the phone with them and they confirmed that 420D has NOT been discontinued from their catalog.  So, everything is just peachy.

Thanks once again for everyones' help.



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