Author Topic: WTS: (2) Epilog Legend EXT 75 watts $20,000/ea  (Read 245 times)

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WTS: (2) Epilog Legend EXT 75 watts $20,000/ea
« on: April 12, 2018, 12:43:20 PM »
WTS:  (4) (2) excellent condition Epilog Legend EXT 75 watt 36"x24" lasers at $20,000/ea.  Buy all four and we'll make you a deal (:  Each laser has a tube less than one year old.  All optics are less than one year old.  Belts are less than one year old.  Cutting tables are less than one year old.  We run our cutters 8 hours day 5-7 days/week and these machines' reliability is impressive.  They just keep running and running.   As these machines were our livelihood, we maintained them like aircraft and kept them in tip top shape.  These are being pulled out of service to make room for new machinery and are ready to be placed into revenue generating service immediately.

The EXT is an extremely desirable machine as it has a large table and it's a Big 3 (Epilog, Trotec, ULS) machine at a unbeatable price.  Epilog support is competent and responsive.  If you can find a 75 watt EXT on the used market, it should be priced around $20,000 and one may assume the tube is near shot and optics, belts, lenses, etc will need replacing.  Done correctly, this is a $3,000 expense.

FCA LTL freight to anywhere in the US will range from $350-500.  Terms are prepayment via wire transfer.

Used BOFA AD500iQ fume extraction systems with a fresh prefilter are available for $3000/ea ($2500/ea w/purchase of an EXT) + freight.

email <machinery AT wtfidea DOT com> to purchase

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