Author Topic: Mitsubishi Limi Stop Z pointers requested  (Read 199 times)

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Mitsubishi Limi Stop Z pointers requested
« on: April 15, 2018, 07:13:42 AM »
I've just recently acquired a pristine Mitsubishi LS2-180 (equipped with a functional Mitsubishi LimiStop Z unit...120-V 1ph) and need some advice or possibly pointers to documentation or forums/groups where there may be some discussions about programming the various functions.

Particulars: Main motor- Type CA-Z402E
Control Panel: LF-C8

Hardware functions installed; (all are electric solenoid operated) - Needle positioner, programmable backtacking patterns (plus momentary manual feed reverse switch), thread undertrimmer/wiper, foot lift, various combinations of the above motions, and electronic eye start/stop material detector.

I do have a couple of manuals for similar but not identical models...there is a bit of variation in the dip switch settings. The dip switches and internal VR settings are clearly labeled with mystic acronyms, but their functions are described in extremely economical language with just a hint of "all your base" syntax. The main mystery is whether some of the desired behavior is dependent on certain external controls plugged into one of the two "option" plugs on the main motor's connection array.

The main problem I have with the current state of options selected...the foot pedal is programmed to behave as an on/off switch rather than an accelerator-type RPM control for the motor. None of the heel-back functions are available. RPMs are selected with an external dial on the main motor panel, giving only this pre-selected rpm while sewing. There is convoluted language in my near-miss manual pile that hints that the accelerator-type external RPM pedal control may be provided by another external device plugged into one of those options sockets. It appears I will need the EXACT manual for this model or a talk with someone who has its twin to get a good grasp of what this all actually means.

I can get the machine into a useful state by selectively disabling some of the conflicting ops as needed, but the machine as-is is pretty astoundingly quiet in operation, and it seems a bit of a shame to dumb it all down to another "brushless servo", a 24V transformer and some of its manually controlled switches. Just throwing this out there.



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