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Gear Dynamics:
We are thinking of producing some PALS webbing hardware and I'd like to hear everyone's thoughts and opinions. We posted these on our social media last week. They are metal buckles that mount to PALS webbing (or slots), and allow various strap attachment options. These prototypes pictured are machined from 6061 T6 Aluminum and are Cerakoted black. The production versions would be anodized, like our slider buckles. They are 1/8" think and weigh only 6g. Comparatively, an ITW G-Hook weighs 10g. Our initial vision for these was as an attachment buckle for our single point Rig-Mounted Sling. We had two types made up; one with a centre slot and one with side slots.

Centre Slot

- Arguably stronger
- Mounts to only one PALS channel
- More difficult to install
- Allow for horizontal webbing attachment to either side bar

Side Slots

- Possibly weaker
- Mounts to two PALS channels, straddling the bar tack
- Easier to install
- Possibly attach horizontal webbing to centre bar

So far I think I like the centre slot better, but the slot will need to moved to the opposite side, possibly closed up slightly. I think it has a cleaner look, potentially stronger (no way for us to quantify this), and the fact that it only needs one channel of PALS is nice. The other style does have the potential to act as a "link" between two sewn webbing loops, although I can't think of a specific application for that. The two slot design also does look "flatter" when installed.


What would the cost be ??
I can imagine quite a few applications

Gear Dynamics:
Nothing firm yet. The intent is to retail these parts through.

Any plans for a fabricated metal version of this hardware?

A sturdy version of the C-loop is something on my mind. Why use repair GTSR buckles when you don't need the regulation?


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