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First Spear Tubes vs 2M ROC buckles patent issue

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I received a message from my contact at FirstSpear about the 2M ROC buckles we use along with some other brands in Europe and the USA.
FirstSpear believes the buckles infringe on their Tubes pattern and are starting the legal action.

For context: NFM has the distribution rights for Tubes in Europe but FirstSpear acknowledges that NFM is not selling them to anyone.
FirstSpear will not OEM produce carriers for export to Europe because of the NFM agreement so this way is blocked as well.
I heard that the Lindnerhof proprietary buckles might be available for sale.
I would rather use buckles from a manufacturer instead of a competitor for obvious reasons.

I haven't read the Tubes patent and can't judge whether the infringement claim stands (not a lawyer).
Link to the patent:
I have written about this to 2M and will keep you posted.

2M sent me their patent text. They are confident that it doesn't infringe on the Tubes patent.
Grab a seat, here's your popcorn...

Gear Dynamics:

So this is where things get interesting.  Because on the one hand, it is pretty clear that the ROC buckles came about in an attempt to offer a same-but-different solution to the Tubes.  I mean, they look *almost-exactly-similar*.

However, that is not how patent laws go.  So are they clearly a not-copied-copy?  I think so.  Does 2M have legal ground to stand on?  They just might.

Popping my popcorn for this one.  Could get interesting.

This is bound to get interesting. :)


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