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New Quad Zip build.


went on vacation and saw a different quad zip bag so decided to switch gears. Any comments, criticism or suggestions are welcome. Dont be shy!

Very nice, I like how you used your vacation time wisely,  ;). I can totally relate, whenever we go on vacation my wife always wants to go shopping at some big Mall, which I use as the perfect opportunity to stop at the Outdoor store and pillage through their backpack selection, looking for cool build elements.
Keep up the good work, I canít wait to see the finished product.

I just finished it.

There were a few rough spots and I messed up the pocket on top - i had to use ribbon to finish it. A mistake turned into a decorative feature.

When I make a pack, its hard to conceptualize and design from beginning to end. I find that I start with an idea and improvise as I encounter issues. Not easy...

Why dont you cut webbing properly so it matches the size of the fabric base? You waste a lot of webbing length.

You need to work with your binding technique, the stitching is too far away from the tape edge, its actually beyond the middle of the binding. Try to stop to use clamps for binding, because you need to control the local area (tension, etc.), claps restrict this control, believe me, it will become easier to do


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