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Backpack number 4 Multicam Alpine x-pac


Link to build photos.


I really would appreciate it, if instead of posting a link to your blog, you would post the text and photos over here.

Like the rest of us do.

But anyway; i like it how you use black binding tape with different camo patterns; it gives your packs kind of a cool look. Obviously that would be a no go for packs intended for military use, but for a tacticool'ish civilian pack, that's a nice design element.

Since you are using binding tape in your shoulder straps, i would suggest to start making contoured shoulder straps, while you're at it.  It's pretty much the same amount of work (exactly the same technique) but the end result looks a LOT more finished.

When i see straight shoulder straps, i think of 1st grader's school packs, or small issued military daypacks with only webbing for shoulder straps.

Instead of using those clips to hold you webbing ends in place, have you tried hotglue? A lot less hassle, in my opinion.

Thanks for the comments. All valid points. I would post pics in my posts but I dont know how. And not sure how time consuming it would be...

A handheld stapler works well to temporarily baste pieces together as well, instead of clamps/clips. Just remember to pick them all out  ;D :P


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