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Crye AVS with Eagle cummerbund


I wanted to consolidate my original post and images so it makes sense to everyone here.

I was issued the AVS and while it's a great carrier, there were some things I hated - mostly the side plate pouches and how they attached. My solution? Modify an Eagle cummerbund to work with the AVS. The original idea was not mine but I think itís worth sharing.

The Eagle cummerbund has the ability to carrier side plates comfortably in the right spot without sagging. It can also hold a radio. Win-win.

I used a seam ripper to remove the elastic from the cummerbund and simply stitched it closed. I then ran some heavier shock cord through the MOLLE and through the d-ring loops on the AVS (where the skeletal cummerbund attaches).

The Eagle cummerbund is the perfect length at this point and is easy to adjust if you need to.

Pictures. While not awesome, you get the idea.

AVS harness and Eagle D-PC cummerbund

Attachment - elastic removed from cummerbund

Side view



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