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181104 Prym 1 camo pen case.


I started out with a design I’ve done before in Multicam Alpine. But this time decided to do it in Prym 1 camo.

Any comments, criticisms, suggestions or oberservations always welcome!

Finished product

And the build pics:


Where did you get the fabric from?


--- Quote from: mogensbeck on November 04, 2018, 11:42:41 AM ---Where did you get the fabric from?

--- End quote ---

I purchased it from A few issues though to keep in mind. I think it is custom printed so its white on the back. The fabric is rather thin and stiff - not as pliable as 500d nylon (It kind of “crinkles” when you bend it) a little similar to xpac fabric.  Also when they send you the fabric its folded and I couldnt get the creases out. Just a few things to keep in mind if you order it. 

I like the bluish pattern, would like to use for contrast in a duffelbag for myself.

Had to do a double take, almost looked like Kryptek Neptune. 

Have a couple guys wanting some fishing bags in Neptune if it ever comes out in fabric...but maybe this is an alternative!  I'll have to run it by them.


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