Author Topic: smileBack Project - A smart open source back panel for your back pain  (Read 1013 times)

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Hi guys,
I disappeared for a while and now you have to read again my poor English.

I went back studying programming and electronic and I worked a lot with the IOT (Internet Of Things).

I had back pain and I decided to build a smart back panel that could help me remembering me to don't stay too much sitting with a wrong position and to don't have sitting session longer than a certain time.

I'm happy to show you the project that I've been working on in the last year: smileBack.

I decided to release it as Open Source / Open Hardware so everyone can build it. I'm doing all the video tutorials and releasing all the schematics.

This means that you can build and sell it! Or make a better version of it. Or help me developing a new model.

It's very cheap to build and I’m doing researches to make the construction less expensive and time consuming.

I’m exploring 3d printing and laser cutting and I want to make it really easy and fast to build.

Right now the price in Europe is around 15/20€ but it requires some effort to be built.

I presented this back panel at the Maker Faire in Rome, the biggest faire in Europe about making and new technologies. It was the last month and now I have just finished the first tutorial about the physical pressure sensors.

The next one will be about the back panel and you’ll need a sewing machine for it.

Right, one of our heavy and bulky machines. (I miss so much sewing)

This is the first video tutorial about the back panel, soon I'll do all the others.

I hope to be clear enough, I know that I did many errors. (I was pretty nervous talking on camera with 1000w of light in my eyes).

If you have any advice is welcome.

Things that we did:
    • The back panel with eight pressure sensors
    • The code to run it
    • The basic electronic circuit
    • Bluetooth connection
    • Android application (It’s very nice)

Thing That we are doing:

    • Sensors calibration and researches for a new kind of sensor
    • Implementation of Wi-Fi
    • Managing big moles of data
    • Working on website statistics
    • Working on the new code for the back panel.
    • Designing and modelling the website
    • New design with 3d printing and laser cutting
    • Cad drawing of the PCB

Thing where we need help:

    • Testing
    • Advises
    • Collaboration

There is also a website called that is under construction, soon you could find all the information and see your sitting habits (If you have a backpanel)

TL;DR  I developed with my team a smart back panel that helps you to don’t have back pain and we are releasing it for free. Is easy and cheap and you can also produce and sell it. It has Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and statistics. It doesn’t make coffee but you can help us to make it possible.


Website:          A smart back panel for backpain

Facebook page: