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GPS pouch // padded small utility


So a few weeks ago one of my sergeants came to me and asked if I could help him find a pouch for his GPS or sew him one.
As I had to leave my last "workshop" due to personal reasons I had to do everything at my small room at the bricks, but I must say, that I'm satisfied with what I made by only using what I had still around.

The whole pouch is made out of 560Den Cordura by Delcotex. As I didn't want to order a big order of padding material just for one pouch, I cut up my issued a sleeping mat I had laying around (folding type so it's rather thin).

Unfortunatly I didn't make any pictures during the process besides the two attached. Also due to the lack of a big table I had to do all the cutting/drawing on the floor so especially the MOLLE looks kinda off. But it holds


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