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Jayson here and I put together my second attempt to sew a Skinny Mini.  I am really not impressed with my work, but am uncertain how to go about correcting it.  I made my pattern out of cardboard and carefully cut out my pieces in fabric.  I put them together and felt the pieces fit well; however when I looked over the final product, I found many "puckers" and areas that clearly are not congruent.  I did line this one and even bound the raw edges.  I would appreciate any suggestions or tips to help me "get it right".  Thanks.

And how do I post photos?  I have some to show of my work, but cannot figure out how to post them.  When I hit the icon above I only get . 



And upload images on

Jayson, to add photos upload them to a site like photobucket (it's free) and then copy the URL into your post.

Misadventure Gear:
I haven't seen your product, but did you take shrinkage into account? The more stitching, PALS, etc., that you put in it, the more it will shrink. I'll add 1/4" to 1/2" depending on the size of my base piece and how much I'm sewing it. It's always easier to trim to fit if needed, than to battle with a piece that's now 1/4" too small.

As for puckering, check this out ...


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