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WTF Harness 04 in woodland camo

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WTF's PIMPS (Practical Integrated Modular Platform, Scalable) Harness 04
accepts WTF's various Accessory Panels for quick swapping of magazine
types while maintaining a single set of essentials. 3.1" wide shoulder
straps and a modular back panel spread the load over more surface area
thereby reducing user fatigue. Hydration and remote tank carriers may be
docked with the modular back panel.

Telescoping shoulder straps may be expanded from 2x2 PALS to 2x3 PALS
depending on the size of the user's body. Modular radio pouches and
similar are readily attachable to Harness 04 shoulder straps.

Fully articulating joints using milspec parachute cord allow Harness 04
to closely fit a wide variety of body types.

The modular back panel and shoulder straps are covered in loop for for
ID, IFF, morale, etc patches. Velcro brand One Wrap straps on both
shoulder straps and back panels effortlessly route hydro, commo, and
remote air lines.

PIMPS is laser cut from WTF's ACRONYM (Advanced Composite Rugged
Optimized NYlon Material) 500D laminate fabric. Parts are stitched with
milspec thread by skilled sewing machine operators. Matching printed
webbing and loop and ITW hardware used throughout.

Made in the USA. Harness only. Accessory panels not included. 9.2oz / 260g.

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Nice, that M18 Loop looks great, too, is that an MMI product?


--- Quote from: Stoner63A on September 24, 2019, 11:56:40 PM ---Nice, that M18 Loop looks great, too, is that an MMI product?

--- End quote ---
It's Whiskey Two Four loop :-)

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Beautiful! but I didn't see it for sale on WTFIdeer.

Sewing production consumes all output at the moment.  Woodland is hot right now.

The printing line operator job description is under development.  Once a viable candidate is found or trained, we'll start offering rolls for sale. 

Price TBD.


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