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Blaze Orange Webbing


Gear Dynamics:
Anyone got a line on 1” mil spec webbing, preferably 55301 or similar.


Misadventure Gear:
When I was looking for some blaze orange webbing a few years ago, the only thing I could find was at Strapworks, and it was the cheap poly webbing, not milspec. Good luck on your hunt.

Gear Dynamics:
Found some companies willing to sell by the case (500yds). Too much for this project. If anyone wants in, let me know.

I too would love to find a source for just that. However, I have used ParaGear and Strapworks.

ParaGear - “Square Weave” it’s basically 17337 in neon orange and standard orange. I like the standard.

Strapworks - Seat Belt Webbing. 1”, 1.5”, 2”.
It has a great hand, the “colorfast” does hold its color well. It’s substantially thicker than 55301 if you’re talking about running it through an active buckle like a backpack shoulder strap, but works.

Gear Dynamics:
Thanks. I'll see if these guys can send some samples.


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