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What is a yard of CADPAT worth?

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Jayson here and what would a yard of CADPAT TW milspec 1000D Cordura go for?  Please respond.  Thanks!


Jayson last I saw 15-25$ based on who you get it from.

Iím looking for CADPAT mesh is anyone know where to get it

Jayson here and thanks WPJ for the response.  To clarify, is that $15-25 CDN or USD?

I may know a source for the CADPAT mesh.  How much do you need?


I have seen it for both CDN and US in that range

Nothing recently though. I try and keep my eye out for it as it doesnít come around often.

Gear Dynamics:
The reason you canít find Cadpat anymore is that the mill is no longer allowed to sell seconds, and the DND is more restrictive with the sale and use of the material.


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