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swivel/rotating buckles in tan499

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Avant-Guard Tactical:
Trying to prototype a MOLLE drop leg thigh rig in tan 499. I've been searching and can't find the nifty center release circular buckles in tan499 for the life of me. You know, these kind:

I'd hate to have to put a black buckle on an otherwise tan499 rig. I suppose I could use a standard side release buckle, but then it doesn’t swing with the operator's leg movements as well.

Any help/suggestions would be appreciated.

Duraflex swivi locksters, they come in 1" and 1 1/2".  1" Male 7778 Female 7898, 1 1/2” Male 7760 Female 7900.  Try John Howard Company, I've got small amounts of buckles off them before when I've explained it's for sampling.

Avant-Guard Tactical:
Thank you for the tip Disturbed. (Great music by the way!) I sent them a message. Not sure if they'll want to waste their time with a small-fry like me who couldn't afford very large orders. (Maybe a hundred or 2 per order, at most.) I made myself sound like a big deal, like this was a larger company's side project. You know how it goes, fake it till you make it...

Until I get a reply from them, the question is still open to anyone who wishes to pitch in.

Misadventure Gear:
No sourcing suggestions, but I once made a leg quiver for bowhunting using this kind of buckle. Once finished, I found it squeaked too much when spinning/pivoting for hunting use. In archery, you need everything to be quiet if you're going to get within 30 yards of a critter.

Avant-Guard Tactical:
Noted. When I messaged  John Howard Company for a few samples, I asked for acetal and nylon versions. I would expect the squeaky buckle you used might have been nylon since it can swell when under water, has less thermal resistance, and isn't as smooth as acetal.
If I'm lucky to enough to get samples I'll make sure acoustics of the buckle while under load are something I pay attention to.


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