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I got a Schrade Credit Card Knife recently. Sheath was decent, but I decided to have some fun and make a new one.

And this the result. The Owl’mups, the world’s first embroidered owl neck knife sheath. (Okay, this is actually the second one, because I wasn’t completely happy with the first iteration.)

I made a small leather scabbard for the knife. The wings form a small pocket on the back, that I’ll likely keep a ferrocerium rod in.

I’ve been experimenting with a means of having a breakaway - that isn’t one of those cheap and nasty plastic things. Sew the cord with cotton thread and then whip that. Takes quite a bit more force to break than one of those plastic breakaways - but still breaks long before it can strangle me.

Some during photos.
The original sheath.

The leather scabbard for inside.

The four pieces that make up the head.

The back and head attachment with the leather scabbard attached to it.

The back, front and wings ready to be attached. This shows a first attempt at the wings. The back portion needed to be widened and the entire surface covered in embroidery made it too stiff to fold around. The feathers also needed to be a little wider. A lot of back and forth and amendments with this.



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