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The Terrapin'mups, the world's first embroidered red eared slider turtle compass case.

The menagerie grows.
The Owl'mups and the Terrapin'mups.
A knife and a compass.
Thinking of making a fire kit next.
Considering making it a fox.
A mammal, bird and amphibian.
Earth, Air, Water.

Very nice.
Did you design and embroider these yourself?

These are amazing! Nice work!

I did indeed. Drew everything out in Illustrator and converted it to embroidery files in Janome Designer and then ran it on a Janome MemoryCraft 500e.

Used scrap 420D fabric. They're offcuts from other projects and work okay for my needs.

The shell was four separate pieces, that were sewn together by hand - basically hand merrowed all around each edge. The head was about a dozen hours of drawing and running trials to arrive at a workable solution. What worked as a several times larger paper model taped together, didn't necessarily work as a sewn together embroidered piece the size of a macaroni noodle. Eventually figured out the right approach.

I started making patches for myself for fun. Eventually made several hundred different ones. They're fun and all, but for me the real enjoyment lies in learning and getting better, and pushing what I can do with the medium further.


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