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SAW/Utility Pouch
« on: August 24, 2015, 03:34:35 PM »
Here is a SAW/Utility pouch.

I tried to take a few of the pouches which are out there and use a few design ideas from them.

Top lid uses 3 rows of PALS similar to the CPGear 200rnd pouch, on my I also extend the webbing down to the SRB.
The Lid uses a tapered design to fully enclose the pouch similar to the USMC FILBE Sustainment pouch.  It is sew into the back seam to ensure a full closure.  With it only a small section on the seam it still fully opens the lid when pulled.
I also added a pouch wide flap to help opening if you do not use the SRB to pull it open to the lid on the front.
The strap is sew into the bottom seam to allow for it to also be used as a compression strap when used as a utility pouch.
It is constructed with three pieces of material, Lid, Back, Front & Sides.  All seams are internal to the pouch and are overlocked snitched.

Link to pictures