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How to share images painlessly

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Image sharing made easy.

Super quick, I need to share an image right now:

Go to click Upload Images at the top.

This box will pop up

Then browse to your picture, drag and drop straight onto the window or paste from your clipboard, whichever is easiest.

After the image uploads you'll be presented with a number or link options in the right hand column. Click on the copy button (looks like pieces of paper) next to the BBCode field, which will copy the formatted link to the image to your clipboard, then paste it directly into your comment here on the forum.

That should take even the most techno-illiterate luddite 30 seconds at most.

I have a bunch of images to share, and I'd like to keep them all organized more intelligently

OK, start by creating an account. This is easy, again go to and click on Sign Up at the very top of the page.

You can use a variety of authentication providers (Twitter/Facebook/etc) or just an email address. Create an account as prompted.

Once logged in (it'll show your username at the top of the page) then upload images via the same method demonstrated above. Here, to demonstrate, I'm uploading a handful of images from one of the old tutorials.

Once the images are uploaded to the album you have a couple of options to share them. To share the whole album, copy the web URL to the album from the address bar and create a new link here on the forum.

To attach individual pictures, change the option in the top right corner (by hovering over your username) from albums to images. Then you can click on one image at a time, copy the BBCode link and paste into your comment here on the site.

Note: By default, new albums are marked as Public, which means if I know your username I can browse your publicly shared albums. From the album settings option you can change it to hidden. That does not preclude you from sharing the album, but it will prevent a user from browsing to it from your account.

Excellent.  Is there any way to make this a sticky subject or have it attached to the top of the forum?

quick question, I uploaded my images, then added them to a catalog, not I cant find where to get the link to the image.

I found it you have to search through all of your images, you cannot select an image from an album and get the code, that will get old fast.

Not completely sure about where you are on the site, but this is how I'd do it:
Upload all images as individual images.
Get all the codes for those photos you are posting in a thread.
Create album that you can link to for additional photos.


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