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Gear Dynamics:
This is another sling design that we've been testing over the past year and I think it's time to share. It's very simple but also very effective. It's the same collapsing loop design as our Accelerator Sling but with a different adjustment mechanism. Instead of using a single buckle this one uses two flat triglides, only one of with is actually sewn to the sling. The other simply "floats" on the lower webbing. It does not require any sort of pull tab; the user simply slides the buckles to the desire position. Like others on the market it uses friction created by weaving the webbing through the buckles, the difference is that because two buckles are used instead of one, they "loosen" and slide more freely when adjusted, making it very fast and smooth. The one in the picture uses all metal hardware, but the potential for using acetal is there too.

Very ingenious and simple, when moving to the acetal hardware will you have the same friction resistance and ease of movement?

Gear Dynamics:
The adjustment portion will likely stay aluminum, unless a specially made buckle is produced. The whole thing is only 80g with all metal hardware.

Simple amazing, 80g. Well no need then talk about Low Drag Hear

What kind of triglides are those?


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