Author Topic: What are the crazy gun laws in YOUR country  (Read 2613 times)

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What are the crazy gun laws in YOUR country
« on: September 15, 2015, 10:24:55 PM »
This is something I have been thinking about since seeing some of the great gear people from countries besides the U.S. have been posting on this forum.

What are the rules on owning firearms, ammunition, and magazines in your country?  I'm not looking for pages of legal documents, just a brief description like this:

"In most states in the United States, any individual is able to own a firearm as long as he isn't a felon, or has been convicted of a few other select crimes.  The legal age to purchase a rifle or shotgun is 18 years, and is 21 years for a handgun.  Some states and localities require registration, but most do not.  Magazine capacity is generally unregulated, but some states do place restrictions on the number of bullets a magazine can hold.  Most states allow private transfer of firearms between individuals with no background check.  Some require the transfer go through a dealer who will perform the background check for a fee.  Some states restrict certain varieties of semi-automatic firearms they deem to be "assault rifles".  These lists of banned firearms usually include arms that look like they were made for military use, regardless of the intent of the designer.  Some firearms that are typically banned are the AR-15, AK-47, FN FAL, and other similar firearms."

Before I joined this forum, I thought that the US and Switzerland were the only places where the only countries where regular people could own semi auto rifles without having to go through a huge process.

Any input is appreciated.

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Re: What are the crazy gun laws in YOUR country
« Reply #1 on: September 16, 2015, 12:34:08 AM »
In Italy you cannot own automatic guns because they are 'war weapons' and only military can use them. Sometimes they are allowed also to collectors to keep them but there are things to do for the safety. You can own a non automatic weapon but you have to justify it and take a license and then you can bring with you and use it only if it match with your license,  exp. if you take the license for polygon you cannot bring it with you in normal life.
a crazy law? if you take an automatic airsoft gun and you change the spring so it go over the limit of 0.99J it become a war weapon!!!
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What are the crazy gun laws in YOUR country
« Reply #2 on: September 16, 2015, 02:45:14 AM »
In Canada firearms are in 3 categories: non-restricted (most long guns like hunting rifles, target rifles, shotguns), restricted (handguns, really short barreled rifles, some specifically named rifles like all AR-15), and prohibited (firearms with barrels shorter than 105mm or 4.1in, most .25 and .32 calibre centre fire handguns,  a list of specific rifles and shotguns that were deemed too scary by the government of the day such as the FN FAL and the AK and others.

You need a license with the specific class of firearm you want/own. If you do not already have a prohibited class license, you cannot get one. If you have a prohibited class license, you can buy new prohibited firearms but only for the specific class on your license. You cannot  get the paperwork to allow you to shoot your prohibited long guns but you can for your prohibited handguns

Magazine capacities are restricted for handguns and centre fire long guns.

There are lots more stupid restrictions on law abiding gun owners here in Canada but we have actually reversed a couple in the last few years. We'll have to see what come doing of the federal election next month.

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Re: What are the crazy gun laws in YOUR country
« Reply #3 on: September 16, 2015, 05:51:12 AM »
Despite what some France haters are saying, in France it's rather easy to get guns, you just have to take a hunting licence, or a shooting licence. If you're not a moron acting crazy at the range, and after a bunch of paperworks, you can obtain an authorization to own up to 12 rifles. Only limitation is it have to be semi-auto only, shooting at the range only (or get drunk and shoot everything that moves in the woods if you're a hunter ;) ), and if you have a shooting licence, you have to ask for an owning authorization renewal every year.
Also black powder guns are non-restricted.

It seems France is the 3rd most armed country in Europe, after Finland and Swiss, with 1/3 of the citizens owning a gun. There are lots of hunters, and many families still have guns owned by grand parents, from hunting or wars...


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Re: What are the crazy gun laws in YOUR country
« Reply #4 on: September 16, 2015, 09:47:16 PM »
Norway (even though I'm in Canada atm.):
You need a hunting license/course to own a shotgun or rifle. They can be semi, but most semi rilfes are under the competitive class which makes them illegal for hunting. Ruger Mini-14 I think is the only "real" semi that you can hunt with, even though only idiots hunts with .223. Most common for hunting is bolt action rifles for big game, and over/under shotguns. Shotguns are only allowed to carry 3 shells in the weapon for hunting, irregardless for the weapons true capacity. Probably the same with rifles, but I'm not sure.

For competitive shooting there are lists of approve rifles, shotguns and pistols. They are very specific. You might be allowed to own an HK MR223, but a Colt 6920 isn't approved. But a shitty DPMS rifle is. This is kinda weird, as the part you need to register is the barrel... Not the lower, upper or BCG, but the barrel. Go figure.
However, for competitive stuff, to be able to compete in dynamic (IPSC etc.) you need to spend roughly 6 months active in a shooting club. After that time you should be allowed to buy your own handgun (you can only own 1 of each caliber (in general) and you need to apply for every single caliber you want to own). Some clubs don't allow you to store your own handgun at home if you are a new member. After roughly a year, you are allowed to part-take in dynamic rifle events and buy rifles.

Registered collectors can own unapproved weapons including full autos. Those licenses are hard to get.

While it's technically possible to apply for a CCW, I'm pretty sure that no one has a CCW license here in Norway. There might have been some people in the past, but I wouldn't bother trying.

Overall, I'd say that we have no crazy laws and most (extended)families have at least 1 firearm.

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Re: What are the crazy gun laws in YOUR country
« Reply #5 on: September 17, 2015, 12:26:03 AM »
Germany here.

We can own quite a lot over here, it is just a lot of paperwork involved. You either need to be a hunter or competitive shooter to own weapons. As a target shooter every semi automatic handgun needs a new permit, hunters can buy as many rifles as they want.

If you go to the range regularly and shoot a few competitions every year, it is not that difficult to get the guns you want. My last permit to get a 9mm pistol took less than 2 weeks to get approved.

Complete bullshit: If you are a sports shooter and your rifle looks like a "weapon of war" the barrel length needs to be greater than 16.75" and the case of the ammo it shoots needs to be at least 40mm long. if you are a hunter, these restrictions do not apply.

Usually you are limited to two handguns, but if you shoot competitions you may get more. For target shooting you usually can not buy more than three semi rifles, bolt actions are not restricted concerning the amount of guns you own. However, you need a permit to own bolt actions aswell.

"weapons of war" are banned, and that even includes some semi automatic rifles. Collectors may be issued a permit to own these, however I don't know anybody who actually owns such a weapon. If you own a banned gun, you may not shoot it.


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Re: What are the crazy gun laws in YOUR country
« Reply #6 on: September 17, 2015, 06:57:50 AM »

Acquiring a handgun license (actually, at first you apply for a buying permit and if you get it, you buy the gun and are granted a weapon permit after the local police have inspected that the gun you bought is indeed the kind you applied the buying permit for) has always been difficult in Finland, and after a couple of school shootings the gun laws were made even stricter.

These days, if you want to apply for a license, you have to prove that you have practiced shooting for at least two years in an official shooting club (and have the shooting diaries, with a signature of the representative of that club to proof it). Then you will have to take a psych test at a police station AND you have to have a written statement from a doctor about your suitability to own a handgun. The whole process takes few months, iīve heard.

Before the law changed, it was mostly up to the local police chief who got their permits easily and who didnīt.. For example, as a soldier, getting weapon permits was always easy. (In Finland, cops and soldiers usually stick together; i have even had a speeding ticket reduced dramatically after the cops found out my profession, and the same has happened to a lot of my colleagues)  but these days the police chief doesnīt have much saying about the weapon permits.. Which is who i got my latest permits BEFORE the law changed.

Then there is the "other weapon permit"; According to the law, a self loading rifle has to be at least 86cm long from stock to the muzzle. If itīs less than 86cm, you will have to apply for an "other weapons" permit, which is basically a special permit for weapons that the law considers dangerous or are easy to conceal. That is the reason why i canīt install a collapsible stock into my AR

We also have a "pocket gun" permit. After you are granted a buying permit for a gun and you buy it, youīll have to take it to the police station. Thereīs a box over there and if your pistol does not fit into the box, then itīs considered a normal pistol. If it fits, itīs considered a pocket gun, and like you might have guessed, you need a special permit for that. Pocket gun license is extremely difficult to get; basically you will have to justify your need for a pocket gun with professional reasons. Pretty much the only people allowed to CCW in Finland are private detectives and taxi drivers (not sure if being a taxi driver applies anymore), and if you are not one of those, your changes of getting the license are close to zero. For example, thereīs no chance in hell i would ever get a license for letīs say a Glock 19... because it fits into the box.

Full auto weapons are only allowed for registered collectors 
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Re: What are the crazy gun laws in YOUR country
« Reply #7 on: October 01, 2015, 12:28:51 AM »
Here in the USA it is fairly lenient in most states, but it does differ from state to state. I'm originally from Texas, and at the time if you had more than $300USD (I think it was 300) on your person you could CCW without a permit. Pretty sure that's different now, but still a strong contrast from California where I am now. Here in CA we have to apply at the Sheriff's office, get interviewed, pass a "live scan" which is an FBI background check, go to an certified instructor led 16 hour class and qualify with the actual firearm(s) to be on our permit, then go back to the sheriff's for issuance.

Just ownership and use are fairly unrestricted in most states, though the feds are constantly trying to disarm us by making new types of "prohibited persons". For example, now if you've had any kind of counselling at the VA, even financial counselling, you're done.
Another very new issue is that private companies buy into this bullshit. There's a new movement in corporate America to require gun owning employees to relinquish ownership of their guns to continue employment. That will probably end up at the supreme court...
You probably don't want to be involved with social media if you're a gun owner. There are several federal entities, many of which that have nothing to do with law enforcement, that record the activities of right wing gun owners. Not to mention the same corporate entities from the previous issue will also check your facebook to see if they like you before offering you a job.

My day job until gear making becomes full time is at a gun & tactical gear store in Sacramento, I'm the guy who among other things does 100% of the ATF filing. It's a lot to wrap your head around, but I've had ATF agents tell me they were sorry that those of us (FFL's) in CA have it as hard as we do...

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Re: What are the crazy gun laws in YOUR country
« Reply #8 on: October 04, 2015, 01:30:18 AM »
That's an interesting subject. As for Germany, SR Tactical's explanations were 100% to the point, so noting to add here from my side (let laziness kick in ).
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Re: What are the crazy gun laws in YOUR country
« Reply #9 on: October 05, 2015, 04:17:19 PM »
In Russia you can get a civilian firearms license. You must complete medical and psychological tests, test for finding drug addicted people and criminals. Comlete the test on a firing range. Then you can have so-called traumatic pistols - a copy of real handgun but with less powder in cartriges and rubber balls instead of bullets, also the barrel had obstacles inside so you cannot use real bullets (but rubber ball will get through). It is possible to kill person if you hit his head with this thing, but its very innacurate. And you can have a shotgun. Not more than 10 rounds in a magazine (same for pistol). Shotgun must be no longer than 80 cm. So if it has collapsible stock it has locking mechanism - when stock is collapsed, you cannot shoot this way. Note that magazine capacity is not restricted, it is about how many cartriges you insert inside. So you can own RPK Drums and other cool things like that.

After 5 years of having shotgun you can pass all tests again and have licence for rifled weapons (bolt rifles, semi-auto rifles). All rules above plus auto fire is restricted, no silencers, no military-grade night vision sights (but there are hunting analogs).

A couple of years ago long pistol carbines became legal in Russia. Some people in goverment are trying to legalize handguns, there are disputes.

I have a rubber bullet pistol and Benelli Super Nova shotgun, and I can pass tests for rifled carbine.
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