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« on: October 05, 2015, 03:28:49 PM »
I refer to my mag pouches using simple math to describe the layout of mags, mags wide (times) mags deep. "3x2, 5.56, 30" for example is 3 mags wide, double stacked stanag/PMAG/EMAG. Here's one I did for a friend, MultiCam 500d, Murdock webbing, new version of my tabs, my proprietary "SOFtee" grommet-less drains, and tag from WTF.

I really hate the way a lot of manufacturers do the shock cord for the front mag pocket, they usually tie it into the webbing in between the mags meaning there's a big freaking knot between the mags to get caught on the mag and also creating additional space between them. But I also don't want to tie them into the webbing on the very front where it will get caught on shit. I started doing this webbing slot down to the bottom of the pouch to alleviate that. It's more clear on this coyote one I did last month. The knot ends up sticking out threw the SOFtee drain, but I like it better.

I thread the cord with a piece of polypropylene tubing, and include a threader with each pouch for when the time comes to replace the cord.

Yeah I know there's already shock cord in this one, so why am I threading more? I stuck it through after the fact for the pic...